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Many years ago I was taking a very in-depth course on Self Empowerment and Self Awareness.  It was during a very stressful time in my life, and I was truly amazed when the facilitator began to talk about stress and the effects it can have on your life.

He stated that:

  • 90 percent of all DIS EASE in life is created by stress.

At that point my whole life changed and I began to be a whole lot less

dis eased

as I learned to look after my stress daily.

I present workshops on  Stress and I wanted to share this piece of information with you once again.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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This morning was physically painful for me!

Over the years I have worked very hard to keep myself healthy, however, when I was younger I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and I have had it disappear, come back, disappear again, comeback again, and last night my body hurt.  I have made an appointment to see a Naturalist this week, however, I was knowing that I was missing something.  I was calm this morning, asked for the reason this was happening and asked for assistance in the discreation of this and other dis-ease in my life and in my inbox I found:

Excuses Begone! – The Gift of Imagination


This is what I had forgotten!  Thank you Wayne Dyer!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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My life has been a series of necessary healings on many levels, and it never ceases to amaze me where the teachers and healers come from when I least expect them.

Many years ago my physical body was really going through a lot. The problems I was encountering were too much for me to understand.  I was told by a doctor that the easiest way to describe my ailment was that I was allergic to myself. What a wonderful diagnosis that was.

If I was allergic to myself, how could I get away from myself in order to not be allergic to me?   Well, I found a simple method to do that! I just let my spirit soar, and stayed out of my physical body and spent a few years walking among the clouds, or simply I was outside of myself.

Did the DIS-EASE disappear? No way, it just got worse! I was beginning to accept that there was no way out of my dilemma, so I chose to continue on my path of being a disassociated mess of a human being whose body was travelling through life, with my soul being outside of me, like a dog on a leash!

One day a very dear person I was working with suggested that I take a course in Hypnotherapy and to you my friend “April”, I am truly grateful for the assistance and healing this provided for me.

I was very nervous about taking this course, but decided that it would be O.K. only because it might be fun to be able to knock myself out and relax on command! The instructor recognized very rapidly where I was…..hanging around outside of my body and the first thing he did was help me to understand the importance of being intact within my body!  Since that time I have assisted many other people to get into their bodies.  Travelling around through life without your body will lead to much dis-ease in  your life, and I have especially noticed in working with people in the helping field how many have fled their physical bodies in order to protect themselves from the problems of the world.

When I returned to my physical being, my life changed rapidly, my dis-ease went into remission, and I understand today the importance of staying grounded and together within me.

To everyone who reads this please remember, I was not expecting this person to enter into my life, however, I had asked for assistance to deal with my life problems and April entered into my life, who in turn introduced me to Alan, who in turn taught me to help myself through staying grounded and in return I have assisted many others to stay grounded within themselves and lead a healthier and more together life!  My gratitude and thanks to you both Alan and April.  I would not be the person I am today without you having entered into my life as a helper and healer!

Peace, love, light, blessings and gratitude!

“White Eagle”

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You, as a society, are perceived to have learned to flex only one organ in your body, which is the brain. The brain is not where flexibility comes from. The brain provides you with rigidity, not flexibility. The brain controls all of that which is outside of oneself and it is in knowing this that the human being can become aware of the flexibility, which exists within ones, self, guided by the mind. Flexibility of the body is important from a deeper aspect of oneself. The flexibility of today is seen as the function of the human body to be able to bend and sway and move in time with the music of life. It is unfortunate that the human does not recognize that the music comes from within and that each human has a different song playing. It is a unique song that every human chooses before arriving on the planet. There are those who go through life in 3 /3 time those who go through life m 3 /4 time, those who go through life in no time at all. They have forgotten how to listen to their own music and are not able to discern the melody which flexibility plays such a great part in. Flexibility comes from the mind registering time in the now, not looking forward to the future which will up the beat and the human will become out of sync with their own internal rhythms of the inner being. These rhythms are crucial for you to understand. The human has been provided with internal body rhythms that will assist them to go through life’s journey on this planet with ease, not with dis ease. It is when this flexibility which is meant to be for the good of one’s being is discounted, left behind that much of the dis ease which is created in life becomes evident. Stress is the number 1 cause of illness, and it is created through the dis ease in which humans go through life. This dis ease in life is created by outside messages received from the brain which are translated into time by those who are changing their tune in order to meet the demands of the outside world. Your personal ability to be flexible is limited today by the many beats which you need to keep up with in order to belong, be happy, feel included and to be a part of all that you believe that you need to be a part of, that being the social conditioning which exists on your planet. In turn what you have traded for this is the beauty of life itself?

Peace, love, light and blessings as you discover!

“White Eagle”

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