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To believe in something and not live it, is dishonest.
~Mahatma Gandhi~

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When I was a young child of 10 years old I got my first job delivering flyers!

I lived in a small neighbourhood in a large city that had a private grocery store and that was where my family bought all of their groceries.

My family was not wealthy and each of the 5 children in my family learned that working was an important part of life if we wanted to have special things. I was the middle of the 5 children, and I was keen on having everything that I wanted.   When a job came about at the little grocery store to deliver flyers in the neighborhood, I jumped at the chance, applied for the job and got it.   All went well throughout the spring, summer and fall, however, when winter showed up it was sure a challenge for me to get all bundled up with parka, scarves, mitts and boots and walk through snow banks and snow drifts to deliver 100 flyers!

The Dollar sign stayed in front of me, and when I say dollar sign, that’s what I mean! I earned a penny for each flyer I delivered and at that time $1.00 made me  a very rich person with the ability to buy all of the candies and other things that I wanted.

One particularly cold day, in early winter, I grabbed my bundle of flyers and headed out into delivery hell, keeping the dollar sign in mind.  I had traveled about two blocks running up stairs to mailboxes when the cold became more than I could handle, and at that time I tripped, ended up in a snowbank with a flyer in my hand and that was the beginning of the end of delivering flyers in cold weather for me!  It was right in that split instant that making easy money became a reality.  I picked myself up, looked for the flyer that was buried in the snow, couldn’t find it and realized that it would sure be simple to deliver all of the flyers into the snow banks along the route, I would finish quicker, make the same amount of money and who would know!  The people who really needed a flyer, like the old folks on the route, I would deliver their flyers to them and the rest would be delivered into snow banks along the route.  What a time saver and great way to make money!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, it sure was simple!

This continued on through the winter, each flyer being buried deeper into the snow banks, and not once did my conscience kick in, after all, I was delivering the flyers and no one gave me explicit instructions to put them into the mail boxes so I was delivering them into the snow bank!  If anyone called to complain, I always had a few extra flyers and I would drop one off to them on my way to school the next day.  I learned to exercise caution when shoving the flyers in the snowbanks and the more removed the snowbank was from the beaten path the better it was for me.

Winter came and left and wow, what a shock I was in for as the snow melted and hundreds of flyers showed up on the ground!

It was impossible to pick them all  up, they were soggy, and would fall apart easily after their winter burial.  I knew it was just a matter of time before my mother would receive the dreaded call from the grocery store when someone reported the results of my work shortcut and when the call arrived I was sure in big trouble!

My mother approached me with a very stern look on her face and I knew this was the beginning of the end of my 1st job.  As the conversation with my mother continued, I defended myself well, saying at first that someone must have followed me, gone to the mailboxes, removed the flyers and then decided to stick them in the snow banks!  I noticed my mothers face change into an expression of incredulous disbelief at what she was hearing, but being the smart woman she was she allowed me to continue using my creative ability to add onto the story until I could have crawled into the snowbanks with the soggy flyers and never crawl out.  All of a sudden I realized how I had cornered myself in my lies and I started to laugh, she burst into laughter and she just kept shaking her head and saying over and over again that she couldn’t believe it!  When we finally stopped laughing I was made to be totally accountable for what I had done.  She went to the store with me to talk to the owner and I was fired at the age of 10 from my first job!

At the age of 10 my work ethics were strong, all because I was able to laugh at myself, my behaviors and my creativity in learning a most valuable life lesson!

Peace, love, light and laughter!

“White Eagle”

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When I am being dishonest it always begins with being dishonest with myself. Justification for my dishonesty is usually a means of control and manipulation of others through my personal self importance and is an issue of courage. Do I always need to be honest?…..”no, just self aware, honest with myself and courageous”!  Love, light and peace to us all today!

“White Eagle”

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