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  Yoga Nine Vipassana

Shared by “Michael”

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Soul Guidance (Each One Reach One & Teach One)

Shared by “Brigitta”

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As I open and connect to everything that exists around me, an overwhelming emotion emerges within my body.  This emotion is the total connection of love and peace that comes from within me and surges out from me to all within my reality at this moment in this space and time.  It’s all here, right now.  The expansion from myself through emotion to everything existing on earth plane provides me with an overwhelming sense of connection, harmony and gratitude, for every living creature on earth.  I know that it is time for all to come together in peace and harmony with all that exists in our world.  This peace and harmony will begin with me finding it within myself, as you find it within yourself.  It is called coming from the “heart” or the inner being.  This is our spiritual connection to the universe and beyond or “all that is”.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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What happens to a human being who believes that their beauty lies only within their physical being?

Beauty requires the balance of the entire human being. The beauty of mind, body, spirit and emotion are what life is all about. When we are in balance, that balance radiates beauty to all we encounter in life!

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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Emotion is given to us to help renew ourselves!
Shared by “Mindy”

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This morning as I sat watching the sunrise I began to realize how wonderful personal touch for me really is!

When I talk of personal touch it is the touch of me touching me in all ways, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually in order to awaken myself fully to all that exists as a part of me!

This all happened today beginning with one thought.  One vision!

As the sun was rising I observed and thought of how Creator along with all of Mother Earth creates the rise and fall of the sun everyday!

When I realized that thought I quickly wrapped my arms around myself  in the gesture of a personal hug as I recognized how great I felt being a part of all of everything that exists on earth plane today.  This hugging gesture brought forward a feeling, an emotion of unconditional love, and acceptance of me and all that is in my world for me.  The gratitude that came forward to this belonging and acceptance in my world created such a feeling of connectedness and beauty that came from Mother Earth, Creator, God and this became the movement forward for me to begin this wonderful day by experiencing each moment chosing how I create each moment for me!

I create it all from one thought, one vision!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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The human being I am today, is certainly not visibly and behaviorally  the same human who existed several years ago!

This is the story of what was once known as the Lady of Stone………… that lady was me!

As a child I was taught to excel, be smart, do things right, think before I spoke, use my head, and excel in everything that I did. It was a difficult road for me attempting to be perfect, when inside I felt imperfect, excited about learning from my mistakes, I loved to play, sense my world and everything that existed in it. When I reached my early teenage years, the perfection that was expected of me was just too much so I became a rebel who wanted to explore my world my way. This was not to be if I wanted to succeed in life, so I changed my life around and learned to shut off all of my feelings, gave them all up in order to be successful in school and life.  I believed within me that I would never be good enough, never succeed in life, and I knew that in order to belong in this world and this society it was important to not feel.  Feelings were for women, and women could not move ahead in life having feelings, so I shut them all off and entered to the world of men, education and total brain training.  The more I trained my brain, the more removed I became from my feeling self.  I eventually got to the point in my life where I had descriptive words for only three feelings:

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Angry

It was not to long before I even gave up those feelings, or any indication that I even knew what those feelings were.

You see, any sign of feelings, I believed left me vulnerable and open to the world around me, and the world that I lived in was not a kind and loving world, it was a world of business, success, control, hurt and manipulation!  This is when I knew that I had successfully become the Lady of Stone and I believed this kept me safe from the outside world!

After many years of being stuck in my head and my thoughts, my world started to spin out of control.  I became only a walking shell of a human being, and I was led to take a course which saved my life.  This course taught me to be a human being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I learned to have feelings, accept me and be real!

During this course many strong individuals assisted me to understand how I had locked up my feelings, how I believed that showing any sign of emotion or feeling, was viewed by me as being a weakness and would stop me from moving ahead intellectually, monetarily, physically and successfully in life.

Wow, did I have that mixed up!

Once I relocated my feeling self, I became real, successful and in touch with reality and all of the beauty in this world.

Today I know how I feel, how to change my feelings, live in the moment and be real!  I accept the success and lessons  that come to me from being  all that I am, with all that I feel, sense and believe !

Every day I give thanks for the understanding I have gained through knowing my feeling and emotional self !

Peace, love, light, blessings and reality f or us all today!

“White Eagle”

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