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I don’t think this should be laid solely at the feet of children….
I think there are a lot of adults who need to these practice caring words!

Do you need to practice these words in your life?

Shared by “Sarah”

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“Be compassionate when you encounter people that are having trouble coping, for this is one of the most challenging times to live upon the Earth. Everyone seems to have a full plate of their own stuff, with no time for anybody else’s problems. When you are having trouble dealing with someone, that’s the time to ponder what life experience has created the character that is before me now.”
“When dealing with negative people instead of judging them; empathize with them. You understand how it feels to be annoyed, to feel unloved, to feel unworthy, etc – knowing all too well that it’s not a very enjoyable thing to experience. So feel a sense of compassion and empathy for negative people, instead of wanting to condemn and label them. What they most need is your love sent, not your judgement.”
Shared by “Brigitta”

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Empathy vs. Pity

When we learn to release ego (which is allowing negative thoughts in our head to control us) and we start to live through our hearts, Empathy really starts to shine through.

From the heart: Empathy- The ability to understand another’s emotions, thoughts, or feelings, but not taking it all on ourselves!

From the mind (ego): Pity- Sorrow for another’s suffering or misfortune, getting lost in other people’s experiences, causing extra drama.

So having empathy for others rather than pity shows them you have compassion for what they are going through. We can give advice and support, but the person can then decide what they do with it, they can do the work or choose to stay where they are at.

Having pity for another holds the person in the situation back, plus the observer because you get caught up in the drama as well. The ego then overtakes and makes the observer over feel, overanalyze, over think, and live in their head… so pity holds people back giving no room for change. It just leaves them feeling like a victim and stuck.

I believe that we, as human beings, need to all start learning to live through our hearts and not live in our heads. Then we can all be so much more compassionate for each other, willing to do our part. There is no wrong way; there are no mistakes, just lessons to help us grow. Let “Our World” become full of light, let’s move forward together… My heart is full of hope and a belief that “Our World” can be healed if we choose to stand together for we are the change for the “New Beginnings”.

Much Love, Peace, Light & Many Blessings,

“Red Feather”

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