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There is no boundary between you and those around you, yet we do not need to take in the drama others may generate. Keep true to your essence of loving intention, don’t let someone else’s ego pull you away from mindfulness. Feel the flow of those around you, touch them gently with your love and assist in positive, empowering goals. With assistance we can help others break free from the confines of the ego and live more in harmony with universal oneness.
“Dharma Talks”
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What you love, you empower And what you fear, you empower And what you empower, you attract!

~ Anonymous~
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Every day when I walk into my office I look at the pictures that are scattered about on the walls. They are an account of my travels and my life and I feel blessed to have all that I have, to be all that I am, and accept the innocence of my being in every new second of every new day!



the quality or state of being innocentfreedom from sin or moral wrong.

freedom from legal or specific wrong; guiltlessness

simplicity; absence of guile or cunning; naiveté.

For many years I have struggled with my lack of innocence, however, today I realize that innocence is every new experience I encounter.

This life lesson arrived this morning from a photo of a dear and beautiful young child who is my adopted granddaughter.  Her innocence radiates such beauty and allowed me to understand that all human beings are innocent in different ways.

We all simply know what we know and don’t know what we don’t know in every new moment!   Now that is true and empowering innocence!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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I have lived in many different places doing work that I believed needed to be done with many people!

I worked throughout  Canada, into the Yukon and the Northwest Territories with people to assist them with their own personal empowerment and growth.

To each of the unique human beings I have encountered on my journey through life, I want you to know that I am stronger, healthier, happier and wiser because of you being in my life.   Through our encounters I have learned more about myself, my personal growth and empowerment and I have become the unique human being that I am today.   My journey was not just about helping others, it was about helping me!

I am eternally grateful for each of you entering into my life so that I could learn what I needed to learn about me from you!

The Channel says:

In simplicity dear ones, we grow one another!  All animate, inanimate objects, the moon, the sun, the stars, other galaxies, everything from here to eternity and return are in fact a part of the life lessons that we learn and move forward through in our lives.  At this time it is  important for us all to understand how we are all related, how we are all connected.

These connections are not just through being in the same area with one another physically.  Connections are made mentally (through our thoughts which create our beliefs, and our beliefs which create our physical experiences that in turn elicit the feelings and emotions that will then become an intrinsic part of who we are which is our spiritual being on earth plane.

This dear ones is the process of living, learning and our connectedness to all this is knowing that we are all one, we are all related.

Peace. love, lights and blessings to us all as we create a shared reality for us all on earth plane!

“White Eagle”

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At times in my life it is certainly difficult to get up the courage to open myself up to the criticism of others by letting them know who I truly am.

We have all been well trained by society to be all that we are NOT in order to feel accepted and belong.  What happens when people actually get to know me when I am being real?

When I love, honor, respect and like me it is contagious and others also feel the same way about me, and that then radiates from me to them and they will begin to own the love, honor, and respect they have for themselves.

Is this called being a role model?

I believe it is!

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all as we learn to take off and land with our self love and empowerment in tact.

“White Eagle”



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  • It is our light not the darkness that most frightens us!
  • Playing small does not serve the world!
  • There is nothing enlightening about shrinking and being small  so that others won’t feel insecure around you!
  • We were all shy as children. This shyness is not just in some of us its in everyone.
  • As we let our light shine we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same.
  • As we are liberated from our fear our fears disappear!
  • Our fear is not that we are inadequate,our deepest fear is we are powerful and adequate .
  • Dare to be great and dare to be powerful beyond measure!

Written by Marianne Williamson/ Nelson Mandala and others

submitted by”Wandering Eagle”

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