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Many years ago my life abruptly took a turn for the worse. I was married, successful, working, and looking forward to a wonderful life of having everything I had ever dreamed of when all of a sudden my life literally fell to pieces! I went from married, expecting a child, well looked after, optimistic and naïve to being unmarried, loosing my child, not looked after, depressed, poor and sick overnight. In one short day I had lost it all and I knew I had only one way to go.


Nobody shared and nobody cared so I ended up so far down I couldn’t get any lower, so yes, the only way to go was up but I had no idea how to get there!

I knew that the first step up was to find a job, or apply for welfare. I put my worthlessness aside for a moment and amazingly, as I was on my way to apply for welfare. I stopped and put in an application for a job, and to my surprise I did get a job working for the Social Services Department, the people who would have given me welfare. I worked as a file clerk and then as a receptionist in a place that housed children who had been removed from their homes. This is where I met my Angel.

My Angels name was Michael…..and to this day this gentle, frightened little soul is still with me in spirit. Michael had been taken from an abusive home, and was just looking for someone to help him to feel safe and loved if even for a brief moment. In reality we were both looking for the same thing! He didn’t talk, he didn’t need to because everything from fear, abandonment, helplessness, hopelessness, despair, to unconditional love, acceptance and safety radiated from him to me in a second.

My job was working night shift answering the telephone.

My first night on the job Michael walked into the office, sat down on my knee and without saying a word laid his head on my shoulder and remained there for several hours with me. This is when I realized he was the angel that I had asked for to help me find direction in my life. After several shifts with Michael sitting quietly on my lap, his head on my shoulder I was called into the supervisors office and chastised for having this wonderful little angel with me while I was answering telephones. It was not the proper thing to do! What this Angel helped me to come to terms with in my life was that I did have a purpose. My purpose was to work with myself, understand my losses, understand myself and become a helper for those who needed help. He pointed out to me in his silence that we do not always need words, what we need is sharing, caring, love, understanding and acceptance. When no one else in my life seemed to care, he was there for me, just as I was there for him. When the supervisor chastised me for having him with me, I instantly knew that these people who were supposed to be the caregivers and caretakers of the human spirit, had absolutely no idea of how to do that and I realized that I had much work to do in this lifetime to make our world a safer and healthier world for all. I ended up in tears and knew that I had to leave my job and begin the long process of self learning in order to become the unique individual I am today. The day after Michael was moved out of the Center I quit my job and moved on.

The self learning coming from my encounter with an angel named Michael, has taken me to many places in my life that I am not proud of, however, each of these places that I have been have strengthened my knowledge of the human being, and have now brought me to the place where I can say “I am“, and be proud to be who I truly am Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually! I am me!

Thank you Michael, you didn’t have wings on the outside, but you sure helped me learn to fly and own my wings on this special day!

Strange, that this Angel’s name was Michael and my son who passed on was  Michael.

Coincidence?  Not from my perspective.

What do you think?

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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When you look at person, any person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them…♥~

Violet Vibrations
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