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You are in the cocoon of life, encompassed in every direction.

“Whether it is North, South, East or West you are all exactly where it is that you are supposed to be if you allow yourself to be there from the inside out, and be there now.  You will only find the perfect balance within yourself regardless of direction from the outside if you are able to direct yourself from within.”

Direction is a word with many meanings, as are most of the words, which humans use today. The word direction in needs to come from the inside of you.  Direction is determining your purpose and then deciding which direction you will take.

In this process you will find the faith within you to know that this direction will teach you what it is that you need to learn in order to fulfill your purpose.  For centuries the human beings of this world have struggled attempting to focus on what is the right, the proper direction to take within a given situation.  Listen to yourself and your direction will be clear, you will end up where you need to be to learn the lessons that you need to learn that will in turn provide you with the guidance from those who have gone before you to assist you on your journey.  Asking questions to receive the directions can be of great assistance to you, but watch for those who are not giving direction to you by asking where it is that you need to go to.

Advice giving is something that is born of force and manipulation coming from outside of you.  Advice is not what humans need today, advice is what takes you away from your own true sense of knowing who you are, and where you are going on your own personal journey. There is much work that needs to be done today; the world is now a place of advice and information, which comes from the outside of yourself.  This advice and direction comes to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it can be very damaging to your own balance as a human who wants to be.  This direction is being received by you through others who are involved in your life personally, through media, (radio, television, movies, internet chat lines, books), parochial systems, and generally through the evolution of technology all of which were meant only to assist you in your progression through life’s journey.  These have  become a hindrance to many who are receiving the information from the outside as being the word, who are not first checking to see how it applies to their own personal being from the inside out.

There is only one direction, which you need to be aware of and that is your own personal direction.

The ability to find your own direction is available to you when you are willing to take the responsibility of finding it within yourself.  This responsibility is the way in which you will succeed in achieving your life purpose.    At this time we give you direction from what may seem to be the outside of ones self, however, as you read these words you will find your own way through reading the words that are being given and formulating responses that are within you from the inside out.

Peace, love, light and blessings

Fly free and enjoy the flight!

“White Eagle”

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I am here. I am present. I am alive. I am passionate. I am free.
These experiences are mine to remember and experience.
I am everything and through living fully as myself, I will remember this connection, daily.

This world is mine to connect to as I choose.
This world is mine to experience.
This world is mine to love.

Nature is a force, and I invite myself to join with and receive of its power.
Nature is a force and I invite myself to love it and see it as my parent, in that it daily gives me life.

I breathe with nature, I breathe with humanity, I breathe with myself.
Never truly alone, never only human, honouring the spirit breath of life I am a part of.

I can be peace for myself and for this world.
I am growing in peace.
I am growing in love.

~From Lee Harris~
Shared by “Kalika”

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What is freedom?


  • ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions
  • release from captivity or slavery: release or rescue from being physically bound, or from being confined, enslaved, captured, or imprisoned
  • country’s right to self-rule: a country’s right to rule itself, without interference from, or domination by, another country or power
  • right to act or speak freely: the right to speak or act without restriction, interference, or fear
  • absence of something unpleasant: the state of being unaffected by, or not subject to, something unpleasant or unwanted
  • ease of movement: the ability to move easily without being limited by something such as tight clothing or lack of space
  • right to occupy place: the right to use or occupy a place and treat it as your own
  • frankness: openness and friendliness in speech or behavior

What the Channel says:

Every Human being today wants to be free. Freedom is a state of being and when the Human Being is integrated the mind will recognize that we are all free. Every person journeying through life has this one common goal.

The unfortunate occurrence which exists today is that the outside social conditioning has become restrictive in allowing us the freedom to be who it is that we are, and has unknowingly removed our rights as a human being free to express ourselves outside of the rules which govern us through social conditioning.

This creates worry! In relationships, there are accepted rules, in the work we do, with our families, with our leisure activities and mostly the human being places restrictions on themselves in the name of being accepted and acceptable from the outside.

Inside of every human being today exists a freedom that most human beings do not recognize because of the constraints, which they place upon themselves. They become locked up so to speak and governed by sets of rules, expectations, regulations, fears, indoctrination and outside forces, which blind them to their own personal abilities and needs.

This freedom, which exists, comes from inside of oneself and the ability of our brain to register this freedom has been temporarily shut down. Every Human Being will find this freedom within themselves provided that they have an understanding of what this word means to them, and start on the process of understanding when it is your brain that is telling you through the outside social conditioning that your true freedom is being shut down.

Every human being who is integrated will have an understanding of freedom, which is unique to only themselves!

“White Eagle”

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Two of my favorite things to look at are rainbows and butterflies!

Butterflies are freedom and coming from my cocooned life into all that I am!

Rainbows represent the entire colorful spectrum of who I am!

We are all free and colorful human beings when we allow ourselves to be on our journey to enlightenment!

Thank you Mat and April for the reminder!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Have you sat and watched an insect work?

Insectss do not have the capacity to think they have only the capacity to know what they know. It is from this knowing that mountains can be moved, shifted and altered in order to fit with what is necessary to continue to assist the growth on earth. In this growth, everything and everyone has a reason for being. Your reason for being is simple, however, as a human being you have made it very complex. You break your society down into many tiny units, and learn through brain training that each of the smallest and most minute’ aspects of your life are overly important and that everything must in in an order that you want it to be in, not the order it was intended to be in.   If you use your life as an example, you have been taught to follow all of the rules and guidelines as they are set out for you, when in actual fact, your greatest purpose is achieved when you break from what you are supposed to do and do what you do without thought, without guidance from anything or anyone other than your true being.  It is this true being that is pure, simple and accomplishing your life purpose.  It is unfortunate today that so many of you are not following your purpose.  The roadblocks which are thrown at you from all directions create such difficult for precious humans today, and it is these roadblocks which screen you from being able to see, hear, feel, and touch what you do and who you are.


Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Life is good!

Just when I think things are messed up something happens and everything gets put into nice little packages without any effort from me to get it all straightened out.

How freeing to be me, going with the flow!

May you be happy and well moving with the flow that exists within you!

Peace, Love, Light and Blessings.
“White Eagle”

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