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I woke up feeling a whole lot of temporary frustration based on the fact that many people I have been talking with in the last few days seem to want to control and move me into places that work for them without consideration for what I need, want, who I am and what I am doing in my life at this time!

I have now looked at all of this information, my behaviors, actions, adjusted what I need to adjust for me personally to meet my needs and I am now feeling free to move forward with my day moment by moment without the frustrations and outer control of the past!

Today I am grateful for everyone in my life and the life lessons I learn coming from both inside and outside of me!

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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In this world there is so much information, so many words, and so little clarification that the lack of communication and understanding is immense!

The information systems are exactly that…..insuring that we are IN FORM exactly as a system requires us to be!

The darn thing is attempting to figure out what each unique system wants and how my unique understanding fits with their needs is frustrating and seems to be impossible!

Hold on, WOW, it can be done, I just need to focus and stay in the present!

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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Have you ever tried to meditate with flies buzzing in your ears?

This is exactly what happened to me this morning and the valuable lessons that they taught me about myself and my life.

The first thing that happened as I sat down to do my morning meditation was a fly landed in my hair. I reached up and attempted to get the fly to move, and in doing so I accidently hit myself on the top of the head too hard and just about knocked myself silly.  The feeling of annoyance with the fly started to build, and the more annoyed I became, the more the fly buzzed around my head. I had a fly swatter sitting on the table in front of me, but I stopped long enough to question myself on “What is the purpose of this fly” and “What is it trying to teach me right now”?

Then the fun began…..I began to fantasize about the fly and tried to find some humour in what had just happened, then I bought into my feeling of annoyance, which led me to being pissed off, angry, frustrated, and then I realized that this would lead me to the fly swatter, the end of the fly, or more frustration and annoyance for me!  The fly would win!

Then I decided to get into my meditation and shut out the noise of the fly and magically another 5 flies decided that this was their time to come and visit.  My focus and trance completely dissipated and now I was immersed in the antics, buzzing and banging noises of the 6 flies as they attempted to get back outdoors by flying at the window!

All of a sudden I had real empathy for all of them, as they panicked and flew at the window, bouncing off of it and nearly knocking themselves out.  I stopped and laughed at myself for having such great empathy for those flying creatures that a few seconds before had me annoyed, pissed off, angry and ready to attack and kill them!  I then started to understand how difficulties begin in all areas of our lives.

The flies taught me today that Stopping to think, feel, empathize and identify with others actions can sure stop a whole lot of difficulty in my life and in this world.

After this huge understanding and awareness arrived for me, I no longer was affected by the buzzing, banging, and physical contact with the flies.

I realize now that I have choice in how I feel, how I react, and what I do because of it.

I continued with my meditation, with only a few interrupted interactions with the flies and now I give thanks to them all as they move around and attempt to find their freedom, just like me!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Life certainly can be frustrating at the same time as being exciting!

 It is up to me to decide whether I wish it to be both at the same time. When I do not stay in the moment and focus on only one feeling at a time I tend to ignore the feelings and miss the experience of the moment!

In this moment and at this time I am choosing to feel the excitement of publishing our new book “My Awakening Journal” A Journey to Enlightement! It will be published and ready to go in approximately one month.

Wow, what a wonderful  feeling to have in this moment!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Staying on top of the new systems and new technology today is a challenge!

I remember my mother’s words of many years ago “things used to be so simple, when you needed something, you just went and found it”!

My words today are “what happened to the simplicity of just phoning and asking for what you need”?

Today, in order to do anything, it is all done by computer.   There is no personal contact and new rules and guidelines are always being added to make life easier, but in my world it sure seems a lot more difficult.

Oh, how I long for personal contact and a voice to talk to on the other end to explain the new technology, rules and regulations!

I know I will find what I need to find today, however, my question of the moment is how come it has taken me over 5 hours to attempt to book an airfare?

I will persevere, put aside my frustration, use the phone, find a personal contact  and get it done in 20 minutes!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Frustration! Too much is happening:

  • Personally with me
  • With my family
  • My Friends
  • My community
  • My work
  • My pets
  • The weather
  • The world
  • The climate

Then I watch TV, listen to the news, weather, sports, answer telephone calls and questions, check out the computer, face book, email……..and then I question why I am frustrated!  Today, I will turn off the radio, TV, and only do the things I choose to do because I want to do them in the moment, not because I have made them into a routine and habit!

Peace, love, light, blessings and solitude today!

“White Eagle”

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