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If you are seeing, feeling and living life through the spirit, you will live a life of love, peace and abundance.

You, your life and legacy, are not defined by what you do, but by being who You are…
Each human spirit (two-legged, four-legged) is brought into the physical world with love and the ability to bless the world… From birth, we have this right, the choice is ours… To bless is to become aware that You are alive and that spirit is flowing through you…. The same spirit that flows through the animals, trees and the earth mother….

When looking up at the stars, May you seek the faces, wisdom and messages of the ancestors…. When you walk on the earth mother, may you see the faces of future generations… and know that life is a gift, as are children…. We are blessed as the caretakers of these little gentle souls… We have the honor of guiding these young ones, helping them to become who they are, and remembering always, that they do not belong to us, they are entrusted to us… Know that they too, are blessed with their own journey to walk, one full of love, with some pain, lessons to be learned and triumphs to be had. We cannot live life for them, nor can we shelter them from life lessons, but we can do our best to help them build a solid foundation, a strong inner self and a deep love and appreciation for who they truly are….
And most of all learn from them each day…. And remember always, `in unity` does not necessarily mean in `harmony`…. Unity should not come at the cost of harmony and balance…
May you realize that no matter how much you love someone, you cannot take their pain away, nor can you fix them. They have their own lessons to learn and by enabling them, you are not allowing them to learn, grow and progress on their sacred journey… Loving does not mean enabling actually it gets in the way of spiritual growth. And for those who have hurt you, forgiveness is the answer to this my girl. Pray for them and know that its okay to love them from a distance. Learn the language of letting go my girl, it is necessary…
Crossing over taught me, there are different kinds of death. It is not necessary to leave the physical body in order to let that part of you die that doesn’t serve you any longer… When you allow that to happen, you can be reborn into a new and better life… from the wind, the gentle guidance of the ancestors and the power of snake, I was blessed with this knowledge…. Give thanks for the gift of transformation and may you celebrate this lesson and live in love each day… Embrace life, don`t run from it and most of all live without regret. All that is, was meant to be, and brought many lessons to help shape you into the precious spiritual being you are today.
Don’t live in the past, what matters today, is now…. And remember always, God is not outside of you, God lives within you and with this Supreme Being, we are the co-creators of our reality… Our thoughts, perceptions, words and actions make up our world. May you see and understand the significance and depth, of this gift….
May you choose your own approach to life, to choose your own way of relating to the Creator, the earth and all relations. Our way is not based on race or religion, it is not what you do, it is how you live. It is a way of life, a way of seeing and relating to the world… and remember always, as a spiritual being, you are firmly grounded in love, with one foot in the physical world and one in the spiritual world, each and every day. The ancestors are with us, part of us, they are not separate from us. Look to the stars and remember we are all connected and we can tap into that connection anytime we need… this is a gift to you, because you are loved. You do not have to be told what to believe my girl, you already know… Discover, Share and love who you are.
May you carry these words with you in your times of sorrow…. And know that every tear you have shed has been counted… every prayer tie you have tied has been opened and you are never alone on your sacred journey….
You are loved, You are precious.

For this knowledge I thank my Creator, Spirit Guides, and the Ancestors… For this inspiration I thank my family in spirit….

All my Relations – Hai Hai “Redberry”

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This morning I woke up and looked outside at the blanket of sinking snow, I watched to sun coming up, the skies turning blue and realized that I am in the right place for me to do all that I do!

I  do love every minute of my life and someday I hope that everyone can say the same thing!

For all of my clients who are going through struggles, please remember that you too can see the same things when you take the moment to be clear and look……It only takes one second, and then that second will become a minute, that minute will become an hour, the hour will become a day, and eventually it will be your lifetime of seeing all of these wonderful things moment by precious moment.

Peace, Love, Light and Blessings

“White Eagle”

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