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I’m delighted about the response of those who read my book “The Awakening Journal”, thrilled by all the emails coming in now with positive feedback sharing how they are touched and what they gained already.

Want to read an excerpt of the book go to: http://myawakeningjournal.ca/excerpt.html

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White Eagle - My Awakening Journal


Enjoy reading this wonderful book now!

Here is what one person has to say about it:

This book is powerful, practical and inspiring! It challenged me to look at my relationship with myself in so many different areas of my life. It gently led me to consider how I relate to myself, to others and to the world around me. It prompted me to begin recording my journey of self-discovery. That is the discovery and awakening of my spiritual being. In an almost conversational way, through personal stories, teachings and insightful questions, the author gently encourages us to look within for the answers to some of life`s most profound questions. It helped me understand that moment by moment, my spiritual being is awakening and evolving in my physical being. This book has given me a greater understanding of what that means, how to embrace it and why it is such a gift… it has also helped me to look withIn for strength and wisdom, and encouraged me to seek my own unique spiritual gifts.
This book is an excellent guide for anyone who is on a healing journey, in transformation or in the process of discovering and celebrating their spiritual self. It is moving, honest and empowering. It reminds me daily to live in the Now and it has, weaved within it, certain elements of Native American Spirituality and wisdom. It’s a gem!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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My Awakening Journal - White Eagle“My Awakening Journal” it’s a great personal read or gift!!!

About the Book
Many people today are confused about how to become an “Enlightened” Human Being!
I am asked every day what the secret is in learning how to channel, know what I know, and help people to be all that they are.

Is there an answer to these questions?

Yes, the answers exist within you.

This book is a journal of my Journey to Enlightenment.

It is a book of sharing that will assist you to recognize and become all that you are Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually on your personal road to enlightenment!

Enjoy your Journey!

It is available through Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Barnes and Noble, Author House, Chapters and McNally Bookstores or through


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