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Staying on top of the new systems and new technology today is a challenge!

I remember my mother’s words of many years ago “things used to be so simple, when you needed something, you just went and found it”!

My words today are “what happened to the simplicity of just phoning and asking for what you need”?

Today, in order to do anything, it is all done by computer.   There is no personal contact and new rules and guidelines are always being added to make life easier, but in my world it sure seems a lot more difficult.

Oh, how I long for personal contact and a voice to talk to on the other end to explain the new technology, rules and regulations!

I know I will find what I need to find today, however, my question of the moment is how come it has taken me over 5 hours to attempt to book an airfare?

I will persevere, put aside my frustration, use the phone, find a personal contact  and get it done in 20 minutes!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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