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This word is one, which has been used in error to describe the intelligence of the individual human being on earth.  At this time it is necessary to know that each human being has a brilliance, which shines from the inside out.  This brilliance is carried through life by the human being in the form of light, an aura, chi or energy field, which allows you to know what the level of wellness, is in your mental,physical, emotional, and spiritual being.  This energy field is seen by many, and at this time in history more and more human beings are becoming aware of the brilliance of the human beings who inhabit the earth.  This brilliance is not in the form of brainpower or brain training, which is also sometimes referred to as brilliance, it is the energy, which is generated from you from the inside out.

This brilliance of which we are speaking is you.  You are your own source of power and when you make the connection with your power source all will be well in your world.Your brilliance is a natural gift that you share with all on earth plane!

Peace, love, light and blessings, as you shine your light for all to see!

“White Eagle”

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Mass consciousness, as it is understood from the outside of me, has a strong mental, physical, emotional and spiritual link to what I personally require in my world as I create it for me. Expansion of me, “a human”, assists me to understand that I am the key through my personal wellness to the wellness of my earth and all that exists in my world for me. My continual presence mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually is my present, a gift to me, to my earth, and to all that exists in this moment with me NOW. This gift has been left dormant within my being for a very long time. Today is my day of conscious awareness involving my perceptions and wellness. Thank you Creator, we are all one, we are all related!

We will never be a lone knowing that we are all one!

“White Eagle”


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There is so much beauty in this world. Gifts are given to me each day when I experience the warmth of humankind. The knowledge we share with one another is a small greatness of what heals the Earth and each one of us…starting from one single cell.

“Speaks with Wings”

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The betrayal had been complete
It tore their home apart,
He mourned in silent misery
She drowned in raging despair.
Until one day a friend came by,
To Whitebird they did go,
And the healing began.

Willow Branch was always there
Warm arms and heart prepared
To give support and courage
To those so badly scarred
A Medicine Wheel was built with love
The family worked as one.
A healing in itself.

Soft Heather told a story
Of faith and ways of old
Stories of Creator,
Earth Mother’s strong embrace.
Lessons learned long ago
Returned with strength and truth
The healing continued.

A Feather of Red next appeared
With Wolf…….a Magic pair
And so the layers slowly peeled
Away, with Whitebird’s care.
The family’s home has been rebuilt
Laughter and Love to share
There’s healing everywhere.

Redberry came to learn and teach
A Circle has been formed
Raven Wing was born.
A Silver Cloud came floating by
And brought along a Crow,
A Rainbow and some others
Together they all grow.

The Whitebird became an Eagle
Now Raven sings her Song
Each day is better than the last
As Knowledge is reborn
Strength and Power fill the night
As souls relight the fire
And Healing is reborn.

Thank’s to all who helped me home,
May you all walk in peace.

Love you………..Raven Song


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Healing comes in many forms, sometimes when you least expect it healing miracles do happen! It is most important for me to remember that it all comes from within with help from those who are without. May we all be happy and well! Blessings on this healthy day!
“White Eagle”

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The roots are sharing again

The drums are captivating the space

The whispers can be heard all through

It is not our ears that will be listening

Your story is waiting within the branches

Will it withstand the gusts of wind?

Or snap with forced movement?

The roots are singing again

The dancers have embedded their movements

Assertively, with grace

It is not our body that will be swaying

You are open for all to see

Do you welcome the observers?

Or hide within the leaves?

The roots are crying again

The animals have joined to celebrate

The cleansing has begun

It is not our hands that will wipe away the remnants

A new season has turned

Will you grow a little more?

Or overwhelm with the harsh change?

The roots are in ceremony again

The smoke is in the clearing

Stillness calls for all

It is not our mind that will trick us here

Your story is retold

How much will you recognize?

Or shelter will you seek?

The roots are birthing again

The Earth is scattering seeds

New blossoms share your nutrients

It is not our food that is providing strength

It is your time to hold the story

Don’t worry if you forget the words

They have been kept safely for you.

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Woken up abruptly in the night, I felt a deep agony in my heart.
It was racing uncontrollably, it felt like it was going to leap out of my shell
Panic stricken,alone,and afraid to leave a unfinished life behind,
I saw it, looking deep into my being!
“The Raven’s eye penetrating and searching my soul”.
I then felt warmth,calmness, nurturing, a comfort of safeness as
the Raven’s wings embodied me,consoling that inner lost child
that has been locked away for so long
“Hear when we speak!” said Raven
“You shall never walk alone again,
for the Ancestors have called upon us All, to stand side by side
in the Sisters Circle Now & Forever.”

I am so extremely grateful & I feel so blessed to now have the Spiritual Family that I have longed for,  forever!  I feel so connected to Source and the love that we all hold within!   Together, the Strengths & Gifts we ALL have, can help us connect to our Ancestors.   We  can then lead the way back to the Lands…
Sending ALL my Sisters, pure Love, Light, Peacefulness and  many Blessings!

“Red Feather Speaks”



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The Gift of Now

The present is a gift, which is given to you.

Not forward, not backward, the present is now, this moment and it is in this now that the human no longer exists, or cannot be.

Much of what we have learned in earth school, has removed the human from being,and you have missed the gift, which has been placed before you and was developed by you as the internal monitor and source of your personal power.

This personal power will create an energy surge far stronger than anything else in the universe or on the earth plane. Imagine yourself to be rooted in the time, which is before you.

Can you even begin to comprehend that all that there is in now?

So disturbing it is for us who have gone before to observe the misgivings of time humans. Time humans are those who project into the future believing that future is not now, or the time humans who observe the past and stay there because it is known to them and the fear of the future creates such disturbance that they cannot remain in the present. This present is as you would say a gift, and earth school has taught that you are not to accept this gift. It is now time to be now and present.  Not forward, Not Backward but Right Here, Right Now!

Peace, love, light and blessings!


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Today I stumbled on it
The mystery, the key.
To the secrets I had hidden
So deep I couldn’t see.
To the soul that lay forgotten
In the one I used to be.
To the dreams that still lay crying
To be revived and then released.
To become the unchained spirit
God intended me to be.
Perhaps I’ve always known it
Kept it buried deep inside.
For I was much too busy looking
Into other peoples eyes.
To recognize the power
I had hidden deep in mine.

“Ravens Wing”

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It is time to let all of the world know who you are and where it is that you have come from! It is your road, your pathway! Your story is unique. It is a story that will assist others to live their life the way that it is for them, not hiding who they are and where it is that they have come from. We are all on a unique journey and the journey that you have chosen is one of helping others to be who they truly are from the core of their being. It does not mean that anyone in this world needs to hide, the times have changed into times of acceptance, reality and choice. In your lifetime you understand that choice is not always something that you were aware of. You tried hard to please others, not realizing that the only one that you needed to please was yourself, from the core of your being.

You know how to fly in every sense of the word, and it is now time to assist others to fly on their own. Have you NOW sprouted the wings to fly on your own?

You are loved, safe and protected as you journey through life and nothing in your life will change from what it is that you know.

You are supported and the ability to respect and honour ones self and your lifetime journey will be in tact.

You are who you are because of where you have been and what it is that you have experienced and believed your entire life. Peace, love light and blessings be with you on your journey forward.

The time that you are living will change  and you will be here for those who require assistance to validate who they are and where they have come from. We are with you as we are you.

Be and all will be done!

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