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“The Ego is a veil between humans and God’.”
“In prayer all are equal.”

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When there are times you feel alone, as though, there is no one left, to help you, give you compassion, love ,and nurturing……To help you through these times of troubles… I am there!

I am carrying to you brighter days… Brighter days, for you to walk with ease, to see the light.. to show you the love you so longingly have waited for. Just ask, and you shall recieve… I am there.

Carrying you through the times of darkness, the times of sorrow.. the times of despair…. I am there. You are not alone!  Hold on to me.. as we walk with ease.

Place your arms around my neck…. hold on… I shall take you to safety.

When you feel as though there is no one to listen to your troubles, to lend you and ear…. I am there.

To wipe your sorrows from your face. to wipe your tears as the run down your cheeks….. I am there. Don’t feel sad about the seeming  lonliness, for you are not alone. I am there.

I am your confidant, your ear, your best friend, when no one else is near. I am there. Go today with strength, and fortitude… make today, this day…. in knowing, I am there… I am carrying your through these murky waters, I am the wind across your cheeks that wipes your tears….. and tells you.. the little whispers that you hear….. that there is always tomorrow and today will be the past soon… you can start today in knowing…. I am there….hang onto my shoulders, as I carry you through these times..to a better tomorrow………

Our Creator, God, Heavenly Father~
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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~I see your heart, I see the light that shines within and around you. I see this, for you are my child.   A child of me!

I see your sadness, it has dimmed your light, your flame, but you need to trust in me.   That it will, shall, and does flame brightly, trust in me, and my words, trust in me and your guidance.

Just let go of that wheel, and hand it over to me. I shall show you, all that lifes blessings can Be.

You are beautiful, smart, intelligant, strong, worthy, and deserving of all the gifts from Heaven. I would not want any of my children to suffer, why do you feel the need to put yourself through this?  Why do you feel you don’t deserve? Because you do. The answer to that question, is your EGO! Let go of  it, and let me steer you to your path, to the light, that is already there for you. Let me, light your flame today, brightly, and show, all of the worlds gifts, that you so deserve. Trust in me, trust in my words, TRUST!!…

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer ♥

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So I guess the Rapture has come and gone and we are still here!
I believe that this means that everyone that was faithful, was not faithful enough!
Who knows ?
This is what I was thinking and in doing a little research I found out that
every religon says that their gods came down from the heavens.  Even we who are  native say that the creator came from the sky.

So it is safe to say now that the Rapture is over that  what our ancestors meant was that a space craft came down and taught the people.  They lived among us and yes, they visited your ancestors too!  Not knowing that they were visitors from other planets,they called them gods! This is in the history books , everyone of them including the Bible or whatever religon you believe in, it has all been written down!

They are coming back, or let me rephrase that, they are here and always have been here.
We have just been too blind to see them but all you have to do is look up at night and you will see their lights and I believe there is going to be alot more ,so keep an open mind!

Don’t worry about the world ending , mother earth has been here for millions of years
and so has man.   We have been here longer than 200,000 not 10000.and yes there is proof,
more then we can handle ( in fact there are 200 known sunken cities in the middle east that date back farther than the cave man time).

It seems that the powers to be are running out of time to keep the lid on this one , only man wants to kill man !   We will never be invaded by the visitors and if we do get attacked at least we know who they are and I believe that they are from our world.  I believe that if the visitors wanted our world there is nothing that we can do about it.   The visitors want us to be with them, to be one big family, not like our world of selfishness which does not allow any end to the wars .

Don’t worry the time for peace is coming with or without the systems involvement!
For the people who believe in God, keep the faith because he or she is still here.  The simple fact is that you are here and God also made the visitors too ,we were all made by creator, even before the visitors found us, and before you think am crazy, just to let you know in the past 3 weeks I have witnessed lights above our town and many things in the night sky that are not man made.  I have also taken  some pictures of things in the day time around our sun! Interesting, and I don’t believe it is  a weather balloon ,  you can do this yourself  and remember that  your eyes don’t lie to you, but people do!

So enjoy this life!  I believe  the only thing coming to a end is the greedy and corrupted people of our world who are afraid to lose their power!  Tick tock the clock  is running out of time for them!

So peace good people, have fun today and get ready for a future of wonder and excitment.

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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