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Shared by Dr. Jeff Mullan

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Each day may you show yourself the love you would show to your child, pet or loved one.. . The more you remember to love yourself the more you will see the light and warmth in everyone, and acknowledge the sacred fire in every living being. As gentle souls, we wish to walk upon the wind, and let it carry us where we need to be and show us what we, in our hearts know already… that we are loved and are a sacred part of the Great Mystery of life… When we have peace with this journey, and are able to see the beauty in all things and beings…we are walking the path of Good Medicine…
We are placed on mother earth to love and learn… With each sunrise we are blessed with opportunities to learn from our family of life, our mother earth, father spirit and nature. As we walk our life journey, we are always learning, in many different ways even though we may not realize it… I have come to realize that there are different kinds of life knowledge… Sometimes, we are blessed with knowledge that is transformed into a knowing because we have experienced it, we have lived it. Then, there is knowledge we come across, the kind that floats around, onto our path because of our willingness to learn, our keen eye for observation… And finally there is a type of knowing that leads to understanding because you are of service to others. This kind of knowing is what the earth mother and humanity is in need of right now…
We, as people and caretakers of the Earth, possess an intelligence with which we meet life. When you teach yourself and you exhibit the intelligence of loving, the circle of life is once again seen as sacred, and treated as  with that way… With a loving intelligence, no living being left behind, set apart or considered less than another… I believe that every action we take has an effect on the rest of the world in which we live… and each step is an important one… because it serves our family of life, it is a part of the Great Mystery…I matter, you matter, we all matter!
With love as our guiding principle, let us unite and share our wisdom, knowledge and the blessings of our Being with All Our Relations…We are all one
For this knowledge I give thanks to the Ancestors, my spirit guides, teachers and spiritual family… Hiy Hiy… Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) – Redberry

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