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A family of Magpies moved in next door and watching them set up their family home and raise their babies has been an amazing journey!

The business of finding the space to build their nest and keep their family safe was unbelievable.  The Magpies just seemed to know where they wanted to be, found the right tree, the perfect branch, and set it up so that they had a perfect view of the surrounding area while sitting on the nest and awaiting the arrival of the chicks.  When the babies arrived the adults sure were busy, and sharing seemed to be the name of their game.  The couple were both out scavenging for food and they were certainly aggressive about meeting the dietary needs of the young ones.  Non-stop digging and scavenging for the bugs to feed them, even so far as digging through dog droppings to make sure that the diet was just right for the growth of the young ones.  Ych!

The process of teaching their babies has been non stop and it has certainly required diligence on the part of the parents.

We have two cats and a dog, and during this process it was not uncommon to see one of our cats walking through the yard with an adult Magpie walking along behind them scolding them and moving them away from the site of the babies and their nest.  We have lived in the bushes for many years and I have never before seen this behavior exhibited by a bird, scolding a cat and moving them through a yard to move them away from their babies.  Fascinating!

The young ones are now going through the process of  leaving the nest and learning to fly.  The adult Magpies are non-stop teaching, supporting, encouraging, feeding, and taking care of the young ones needs while teaching them to be independent, be guarded when the dog and cats are out and around, and even teaching them where the safest places for them to be are in view of the diligence of the cats and the impending danger that surrounds them in their small earth space at this time!

As the young ones are slowly venturing out the adults are maintaining close surveillance to ensure the safety of their babies…..

How much are we human beings like Magpies while we are teaching our children how to live their lives?

I have learned from watching the Magpies that we definitely can take some of their lessons of unconditional love, care and concern the Magpies offer to their young and apply them to our life today with our children!   When are the life lessons that we offer to our children finished……..?

I am learning from the Magpies that these life lessons never end, even when our children leave the nest, our diligence, care, support and love continues on even when they are flying and on their own!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we all learn to grow with love!

“White Eagle”

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When I was a child I was taught to look forward in my life. I was encouraged to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. When I got a little older I couldn’t wait to grow up, fall in love, get married and raise a family. When I got past knowing what I wanted to be, I then chose to wish I was young again, it was always remembering when I was young I did…….or I was…….when I was younger.

As an adult I focus on what I am in this moment. Interesting that as a child these “I am” moments are so valuable however, adults that are significant in our lives encourage us to be something in the future, or remember all that is in the past and tend to forget about ALL I AM IN THIS MOMENT!

What do you encourage your children to do?

Peace, love, light and blessings in this magical moment of discovery!

“White Eagle”

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