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When I decide that things are difficult, my day will be a day of difficulties, when I believe my life is easy, it is!

Today I will create an easy day,  learning, growing, and moving with ease through all I encounter moment by moment.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Many years ago my life abruptly took a turn for the worse.  I was married, successful, working, and looking forward to a wonderful life of having everything I had ever dreamed of when all of a sudden my life literally fell to pieces!  I went from married, expecting a child, well looked after, optimistic and naïve to being unmarried, loosing my child, not looked after, depressed, poor and sick overnight.   In one short day I had lost it all and I knew I had only one way to go.


Nobody shared and nobody cared so I ended up so far down I couldn’t get any lower, so yes, the only way to go was up but I had no idea how to get there!

I knew that the first step up was to find a job, or apply for welfare.  I put my worthlessness aside for a moment and amazingly, as I was on my way to apply for welfare. I stopped and put in an application for a job, and to my surprise I did get a job working for the Social Services Department, the people who would have given me welfare.  I worked as a file clerk and then as a receptionist in a place that housed children who had been removed from their homes.  This is where I met my Angel.

My Angels name was Michael…..and to this day this gentle, frightened little soul is still with me in spirit.  Michael had been taken from an abusive home, and was just looking for someone to help him to feel safe and loved if even for a brief moment.  In reality we were both looking for the same thing! He didn’t talk, he didn’t need to because everything from fear, abandonment, helplessness, hopelessness, despair, to unconditional love, acceptance and safety radiated from him to me in a second.

My job was working night shift answering the telephone.

My first night on the job Michael walked into the office, sat down on my knee and without saying a word laid his head on my shoulder and remained there for several hours with me.  This is when I realized he was the angel that I had asked for to help me find direction in my life.  After several shifts with Michael sitting quietly on my lap, his head on my shoulder I was called into the supervisors office and chastised for having this wonderful little angel with me while I was answering telephones.  It was not the proper thing to do!  What this Angel helped me to come to terms with in my life was that I did have a purpose.  My purpose was to work with myself, understand my losses, understand myself and become a helper for those who needed help.  He pointed out to me in his silence that we do not always need words, what we need is sharing, caring, love, understanding and acceptance.  When no one else in my life seemed to care, he was there for me, just as I was there for him.   When the supervisor chastised me for having him with me, I instantly knew that these people who were supposed to be the caregivers and caretakers of the human spirit, had absolutely no idea of how to do that and I realized that I had much work to do in this lifetime to make our world a safer and healthier world for all.  I ended up in tears and knew that I had to leave my job and begin the long process of self learning in order to become the unique individual I am today.  The day after Michael was moved out of the Center I quit my job and moved on.

The self learning coming from my encounter with an angel named Michael, has taken me to many places in my life that I am not proud of, however, each of these places that I have been have strengthened my knowledge of the human being, and have now brought me to the place where I can say “I am“, and be proud to be who I truly am Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually!  I am me!

Thank you Michael, you didn’t have wings on the outside, but you sure helped me learn to fly and own my wings on this special day!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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When I first started the Soul Writings blog, I wrote the following statement as a thought for today:

“As a child I learned a lot of things that I find necessary to unlearn as an adult!”

When I wrote that I believed that I would eventually have it all unlearned and be ready to move forward with all of my new learnings and they would be the right learnings for me to be able to look forward with for the rest of my life and never look back.

I can now add onto this and say:

What I learned yesterday, I find necessary to unlearn today in order to move forward with my life right here, right now, in this moment.

As my beliefs change, my perception changes, my values change and what I need to learn is a continual process in my life.

Now, to me that is exciting, and I need to always trust what I know from my inner being  and stand up for what I believe and know is right for me in this moment.

This is learning, teaching and growing and what a wonderful place to be!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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The paths we take are not always paved, clear or are they in  black and white.

They may seem very bumpy at times, we may not be sure of where we are going, how we are getting there, or who we may meet along the way.

These things are  not for us to know at times!

We may have to be lead down the not so smooth road, to learn what we need to learn in this life time, so we do not repeat the same learning in the next.

Once you acknowledge and learn from the experience, on the less traveled road, you will move on from that experience, as you grow and learn from it.

It is on Gods/Creators time.  All we can do is learn from it, and move on. It may mean:

  • Leaving friends and family behind.
  • Setting boundaries within and around us.
  • Leaving where we live, or
  • Journeying across the country.

all of these hold lessons for us to learn!

You may choose to ignore these lessons and keep doing what you are doing, but you will only continue to repeat the same patterns over and over again until you decide to listen, learn..and move on from it… knowing..it is an experience that you were meant to grow and learn from……~

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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One day, my world fell apart. I was humbled to my knees, and everything I thought I knew came crumbling down. My reality as I knew it, was shattered. I was destroyed, which is just what I needed to happen to lead me to where I am… and to who I am today…
Heartbroken and hopeless, I questioned it and here is what I was told…
Your earth walk has not been an easy one my girl. There is not one that is. But know your struggles were not overcome for nothing. You have escaped a dark place and now it is your time to heal, to shine and to soar…. to give thanks and to give back by putting into practice all you have been blessed with learning… Watching you grow, it has always been clear, you were a survivor.
Throughout our times of despair, pain and loneliness, there lived within you a persistent yet gentle and loving little spirit that sought out light and love. This spirit could not be broken, this flame could not be extinguished and today IT shines brighter than ever. Along your journey you learned many lessons, ones of compassion, humility and understanding … some came easily and others took longer to learn yet you lived through them and embraced them, learning to do one of the most difficult things, learning to love them ALL, to withhold judgment and to love yourself exactly as You are… for this I am so very proud of you… you see every experience, choice and moment was instrumental in you becoming the precious human being you are today… Each and every one of us is chosen for greatness and in life, the best students get the hardest lessons my girl but also the greatest rewards… It is not because we are bad people. Always remember that anytime, we survive and overcome a struggle in our life, Creator graciously blesses us with sacred knowledge and a greater sense of compassion and understanding to help bless the wounded hearts of those experiencing what we have survived and soared through…
May you know that blessings come to those who do the work they require and overcome the fear they can present… some wish to stay where they are… and that is okay simply trust that they must be loved from a distance… you have soared, facing many of your fears my girl… your journey is now one of love instead of fear… You are in transformation…. Embrace it, run with it and give thanks… The darkness has turned to light and that gentle little spirit can now run free… share your light and let it shine bright my girl! You are precious and you never walk alone!
For this knowledge I thank the Ancestors, my spirit guides, and teachers…
All My Relations – Hiy Hiy

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It’s all about teams in our world today!

Whatever I do, wherever I go there are teams involved. Anything involving more than one person is a team!

  • Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Work
  • Sports
  • Leisure
  • Community
  • Education
  • Spirituality

Everyone of these things requires team work in order to succeed, learn and grow!  I believe in my world today Team Building Skills need to be an emphasized  part of our teaching systems.  This would be one giant step forward for all of humanity to work closer together for unity and world peace!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

Thank you Creator!  We are all one, we are all related.

“White Eagle”

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It sure is difficult to sit back and watch those that you love  learning life lessons that are hard lessons to learn!

If I tell them they are making life difficult then their life lesson becomes my life lesson and they will not have the opportunity to learn what they need to learn so that they can move forward with their own life.

This lesson for me is a big one, I want to help, rescue and let them all get on with their lives, but I am smart enough to know that they need to learn what they need to learn NOW!

Peace, love, lessons, light and blessings to all of those I love!

“White Eagle”

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In my lifetime I have sure run into my fair share of problems.  Is it any surprise that one of my chosen professions is coaching an applied problem solving course called Life Skills and training coaches to deliver this program to people who are wanting to create change in their own personal lives.

When I first began facilitating these programs, the problems that I ran into were immense and seemed to have no answers for me or for the others who were going through the stages of problem solving.  It was unbelievable how easy it was to get stuck in the problem that was at hand and end up wallowing in the problem with no ability to move beyond the wallowing to get into the solving of the problem.  I remember the day when I recognized that this course provided me with everything that I needed to know to determine what the gift was for me in the middle of every problem that I encounter in my life, including the problem that I had in not understanding what problem solving was to begin with!

I learned from not knowing how to work through problems that using a system of problem solving can really help me to move through the process to come up with the learning for me!

There are six steps to the Problem Solving Process and they are:

  1. Recognize the problem and describe the problem!
  2. Define the problem, ask questions and determine what is the crisis and what is the challenge!
  3. Generate ideas that will  help to solve the problem, brainstorm solutions and don’t judge the solutions, just write them down or store them in your memory until you:
  4. Make a decision and prioritize the steps to the solutions!
  5. Implement the decision, anticipate any pitfalls or problems you may encounter in solving the problem, and design an action plan for dealing with the problems that may arise…….
  6. Final step is the Evaluation…..Determine what happened, was it a success or failure and if it was a failure take what you have learned and start the process over again!

During the evaluation of the whole problem solving situation is where the Silver Lining appears and allows me to have the love and understanding for myself and others involved in the problem solving to move through our lives with ease rather than dis….ease!

Problem solving definitely provides me with the gift of learning, growing and changing in the moment!

How about you?  Are you learning, growing and changing by working through your problems?

Peace, love, light, blessings and change for us all!

“White Eagle”

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Many years ago I was talking with a young woman about relationships, partnership, marriage and what she wanted in her life. Her thoughts were totally clear, she knew what she wanted and intuitively knew how her life would be for her.

She wanted to find a partner, get married, raise a family, work part time, be involved in the community and be happy. She was specific about the qualities that she was looking for in a life partner, how she would raise the children, the number of children she would have, the type of job that would provide her with all she required from a job, what she could do in the community that would be valuable to the community and what would bring happiness to her in her life. She believed that she was worthy, attractive, intelligent and desirable. She knew that if people did not understand her intent that they would not be considered an important connection in her life!

Her intent was clear, she believed it was up to her to create her life the way she knew it was to be. In hearing from her years later, she has it all!

What is fascinating for me today, is what I learned from this unique human being. When I first met her, my outside perspective and judmental way of living told me that none of this would become reality for her. I made my judgments based on the following information:

  • She was approximately 60 pounds overweight
  • Her outward appearance was plain, ordinary, not outwardly attractive and she was not a person who would stand out in a crowd.
  • She moved with the flow of life easily, was calm, quiet and observant
  • She was not active or enthusiastic and was never involved in projects or physical activity
  • She struggled with academics in school and dropped out of school when she was in Grade 10.
  • She came from a poor lower class family, he mother had passed away and she was responsible for taking care of the family household for her father and her younger brother.

After I saw her again and heard about her life today, I questioned myself as to “How it is that she was able to obtain all that she intended to have in her life”?

Now I know that her intention and thoughts were clear, her beliefs were strong and she was not dictated from the outside of her being through socially conditioned experiences.

This young lady taught me much about my relationship with myself!

  • I began to question me and how I had become so far removed from my relationship with myself.
  • I examined and clarified my own personal intentions
  • I became consciously aware that most of the thoughts I had were come from the outside of me.
  • I recognized the brain trained, socially conditioned and judgmental responses that came from experiences I had created for myself from the outside of my being thinking that these experiences created my beliefs.
  • I learned that my thoughts create my beliefs and my beliefs create my experiences
  • I set up a meaningful relationship with me with clear intent, thoughts, beliefs and experiences with a conscious awareness of all that she taught me by being her.

It is important to know that we are all connected, and with this connectedness, know that your relationship with all others in this world begins with you.  It is important to understand that when you are more consciously aware of you, your thoughts, beliefs and how they create your experiences, all relationships will be much simpler!

Thank you my friend for all you provided for me to learn and grow!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Every human being, being who and what they are is moving towards  the achievement their own personal life purpose!

When this purpose and understanding is clear every human being on earth will recognize the importance of being who they are and will assist with the of creation and re-creation of our earth plane so that it becomes the way it was intended to be.  AT ONE MENT!

Dictionary Definition:

atone·ment (-mənt)


  • the act of atoning
  • satisfaction given for wrongdoing, injury, etc.; amends; expiation
  • OBSOLETE agreement or reconciliation

for this purpose it is:

At oneness or in a state of at one with everything that is within your realm of being!

This realm of being consists of all that is and is created only for you by you. This understanding will then become the electrical charge, so to speak, that will spark the universe and the earth into action and will create the ability for all humans to be without fear and retribution while they move forward to achieve their purpose in life.

Humans who are not being tend to categorize everything.

Your living has become a major filing system where everything and everyone has a number, code, letter, it has been broken down so that if it doesn’t fit into a system, it will be discarded. Even worse than being discarded it may have become misplaced into a category which may not fit for whatever it is and then the molding and forming by the systems which it functions in can take place.  The reality of the “now” has been replaced so human beings who do not fit into the categories may become the lost souls who are leaving earth school prematurely, unable to find what it is that they are supposed to be searching for from the outside driving forces.

It is these souls who have to repeat, and be re classified within the earth school system until they finally evolve into what it is they were all the time. “Simply a human being” in the now with purpose, focus, clarity and understanding of all that is.

The reconstruction of the earth is now underway, and it is time for every human being to understand that your purpose is clear. It is not meant for you to leave the earth plane, in order to come back to learn the same lessons over and over and over again.

It is the purpose of each human being to live their life, which will go on indefinitely as this is the life purpose that is the core of human evolution. Each lesson and purpose is clear to each unique human. It is when the purpose is provided for us through outside systems that the problems become insurmountable, and the human looses sight of who they are and what they are to do.

Clarity comes from the present, and the present is where you can find the harmony and peace that each of you are seeking.

The present to the earth is you being present attending the School of Life, The University of Life, securing your Masters Degree and continuing through with your Doctorate Degree until you have completed your life purpose on Earth Plane.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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