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There will always be those who focus on what you’re not doing or what they think you should be doing.

It’s an easy way to avert their attention from themselves and the mirror you are reflecting to them.

Pay no mind!

  • Trust YOUR guidance and intuition.
  • Follow YOUR heart.
  • Trust YOUR journey. You don’t want to live the life that others want you to life.
  • Live YOUR life. And do it with confidence and grace…

Shared by “Missr Holland”

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In the silence of breathe is where we hear our true guidance from our Creator. Stop for a moment, let your mind be still and listen to the beating sound of your heart, hear the messages she gently beats to you. It’s all there within where you will find your answers to your most pressing problems.
Shared by “Redberry” Chantal

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I am open to the guidance of synchronicity
and do not let expectations hinder my path…

Shared by “Kalika”

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‎”Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.

~ Buddha~

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~I see your heart, I see the light that shines within and around you. I see this, for you are my child.   A child of me!

I see your sadness, it has dimmed your light, your flame, but you need to trust in me.   That it will, shall, and does flame brightly, trust in me, and my words, trust in me and your guidance.

Just let go of that wheel, and hand it over to me. I shall show you, all that lifes blessings can Be.

You are beautiful, smart, intelligant, strong, worthy, and deserving of all the gifts from Heaven. I would not want any of my children to suffer, why do you feel the need to put yourself through this?  Why do you feel you don’t deserve? Because you do. The answer to that question, is your EGO! Let go of  it, and let me steer you to your path, to the light, that is already there for you. Let me, light your flame today, brightly, and show, all of the worlds gifts, that you so deserve. Trust in me, trust in my words, TRUST!!…

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer ♥

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She whispers ever so softly I am your your Mother, dear child Come, let me take you in my arms I am your love, protection, and guidance.  Do you hear me? I am your Mother, She whispers ever so softly.  They seek you out, you are the chosen one,  Do you hear them when they speak to you? Do you feel them as they touch your soul?  They are your family, dear child, she whispers ever so softly.  Let the rocks be your strength and solidity as the water washes away the pain.  Let the medicines nourish and heal you and the animals guide as they walk by your side. Come, rest your weary head upon my mattress, She whispers ever so softly I am your Mother, dear child! Come let me take you in my arms I am your love, protection, and guidance Do you hear me?

I am your Mother.


To See their blog:  wellnessfirst.wordpress.com

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YOU are Loved.. and YOU already Measure up..

It is easy to forget about the incredible power that lies withIN You..it is one that can conquer anything and everything life sends you way because it is Divine.  The ultimate power, the utlimate love and peace. It is found withIN you. You don’t have to “try to measure up”, you already do!

You are loved unconditionally and need not seek IT, approval, acceptance or a sense of worth from the physical world.  You can spend your time on the earth plane, chasing theses GIFTS but know that you will always come back to YOU.

Do not be deceived, the physical world cannot give you what you need to complete your spiritual journey… Because of its limitations, it will lead you to believe you “are not good enough”…”You never quite measure up”… Always remember that this theory is flawed!… You don’t have to “try to measure up”, you already do.

Whenever you need, Look withIN, look for the power responsible for your creation..Revel in this love..In the physical world, look into the skies and at the stars for security…Revel in its beauty… And know that your Ancestors, your grandmothers are EVER SO present in these miracles, just as they are in your life and along your journey.

Look to the skies as they are a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Pray to the the Eagle and know that this spirit, this strength is a divine messenger and never leaves your side…

Smudge with sage to cleanse your mind and protect your heart…May you be blessed with sweetgrass to carry your prayers and messages to the Creator, Great Spirit and the Ancestors..

These gifts are sacred and one of many ways, for all relations to connect with their Creator…Give thanks..show gratitude…and live in love…We are all one… in spirit, in family. And always remember you don’t have to ‘try to measure up’. You already do.

All My Relations- Hai Hai

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Each day you awake you are blessed with the gift of life!

You are a blessing shared with the physical world..Gracefully receive All things that life sends your way. Have a good attitude and give thanks for the teachings..

Have a teachable spirit, take responsibility for your attitude and understand the value of a good attitude. Meditate to fulfill your life, fill it with the right things, with good thoughts…

Remember in any situation in life, Your attitude is the paintbrush of your mind.Your attitude paints on your mind what you desire. You hold the brush,it’s in your hand and your control.We can paint anything we want on the canvass of the mind, to accompany the journey in the physical world.

Our choices,thinking&attitude is what will make us or break us. The greatest gap between happy and unhappy people is how they think. Put the right things in your mind, and put into practice what you learn and teach. This is difficult to do as it is much easier to learn or teach than to do.

Resist the temptation to deviate from the good red road. It is not what it appears to be. Know this will create greater hardships, delay your lessons and lengthen your journey.

Allow your teachers and the Creator to speak into your life.. Listen and learn In a sense of humility where you receive it, accept it, apply it and make it a part of who you are..

Acknowledge and give thanks for the ‘direct’ connection you have to loved ones who have gone Home.
Call on them they are always there. Sometimes we get spiritual glimpses of them through ‘physycial bodies of energy,’ we call these human beings.
These beings are teachers placed on your path to guide you and love you through what your journey entails. Acknowledge, understand and give thanks for their being, their purpose and the teachings they bring to your journey.

You do not walk alone and you are never given more than you can’t handle. Trust in this. .

Look for the light..let yourself be guided, feel and trust in the love of the Great Spirit..
You are safe and loved on your sacred journey.

All my Relations- Hai Hai

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Today is a new day of new discoveries! Every day I am thankful for the wonderful experiences that I create in my life!

This morning the information that I received from my inner being was to be “aware of my spiritual pockets”.    This information certainly was an early morning eye opener.  What on earth is a spiritual pocket?

  • Within these spiritual pockets lies the wisdom of all of those who have gone before me who are me!

As I thought about this message I recognized that it is the opening to a spiritual pocket.  I do have many pockets of information that come to me out of what would seem to be nowhere, and these thoughts usually become the precursor to a valuable lesson that follows.  Now I know that today will be a day of spiritual growth and learning for me as I remain conscious of the moments, listening and immersing myself in my whole being (inside and outside).

Lessons like this one are what my guides relate to as being the spiritual pockets that house the valuable information that is needed to live my life fully and full of wonder every moment!

All I need to do is be aware that they exist, and listen with my heart and my mind!

Do you have spiritual pockets of information that show up for you?

Peace, love, light and blessings as you discover the hidden gems that are housed in your pockets!

“White Eagle”

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  • Live your life from your inside.
  • Outside influence keeps us down.
  • We are all one.
  • We are all gods.
  • It is time to shine .
  • Take back your power.
  • Be what you were meant to be, not what you are told to be.
  • We are all  loving, caring, and spiritual beings and these are the truth!

“Wandering Eagle”

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