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It is the mothers,<br /><br />not the warriors,<br /><br />who create a people and guide their destiny.</p><br /><p>Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Lakota
It is the mothers, not the warriors, who create a people and guide their destiny.
Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Lakota
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Join the @[152560524786653:274:Positive Outlooks] community.
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Embrace the Light!
And let it guide you
beyond the winds
of desire!!!
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Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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As we journey through this life, we all walk many roads that are made for us to walk .

A lot of these roads come with potholes ,which is where and  when our road of life  gets rough.

When we look back we realize that we have made it through them!

No matter how many times you fell into a pothole on the road , you got up and kept moving forward!

It is these  moments that I call a learning experiences!

You can always fall back in memory to these times when you were in need of  help, however,  when you look down this road of your past, it will give you some of the answers you are looking  for when things get rough again!

Always  the road we walk is  full of potholes!  It is how we learn!

No matter who you are, remember that  just like the real potholes in the roads of our world ,you  can choose to fill the potholes, however,  sometimes they just keep coming back until we have learned what we need.  At that time they will stay filled and smooth and never become one of life’s potholes again.

You can go always back and visit when you want or when you need a reminder of the lesson you learned,  so if you hit a pothole in life use your past as a guide.

These can lead you to a new road, one without all the drama but filled with your own understanding of  your movement forward and learning .

No matter who is walking with you remember that it is still your road and the learning is yours.

Enjoy the walk, and personally I know it does get much better as long as you keep walking.

Shared by “Wandering Eagle” Dean

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How often in our lives do we sit back, believing that nothing is going to change, nothing is going to go our way and amazingly it doesn’t?

I have learned how important it is to reach out, talk about it and as soon as I do, things start to change.

Who I talk to is important!

Who I talk with most of the time is a friend so I need to find a friend that will:

  • listen
  • not judge
  • not give opinions
  • understand me as being the unique human being I am
  • guide me through my own process and
  • when I am really stuck, give me direction.

I have learned through doing this, that no one can fix me, no one can tell me what to do and how to do it, however, I sure welcome the assistance of my friends to guide me through my own process to become all that I can be.

Thank you creator for all that I have, all that I am, and all of those who are with me to guide me to be me!   They are my friends!

Peace, love, light and blessings.

“White Eagle”

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Breathe, smile and walk lightly my girl…I am the Wind… With every breath Know that I am with you always…

The time has come… to listen with your heart and walk in the spirit… Surrender, Love, and Smudge… Know that a noisy mind blocks stillness in the heart.

A stillness that cultivates peace, love, acceptance and gratitude for who We are.

A stillness that reminds us we are walking miracles, a divine energy that renews our spirit and lights the way through our sacred journey..

A stillness that brings us inner peace, happiness, strength and humility.

One that reminds us its okay NOT to be perfect..we weren’t meant to be..

We place that burden on ourselves… We are human beings and never intended for perfection…

We were meant to love,  live,  let go and let God.

Every day, every moment, things are lovingly and gently being worked out in us.  Some we see while many we do not yet know about…all relations go through this process…as we are all connected and consistently evolving…

Gently accept and find serenity in knowing your solution will not always be the answer to your problem or to your prayers…But trust in your Creator and give thanks for divine order…what is meant to be will be as many times you will find youself thankful that you were not given what you prayed for…

The divine universe has ultimate foresight and your best interest at heart always..at every intersection of your life.

Gracefully and thankfully receive the love of the one who purposefully placed you, here on the earth plane.

You are a spiritual gift to a physical world, with a sacred journey…

You are a chosen one, a gentle soul, handcrafted to walk your journey.

This Journey is yours.   Its purpose and fulfillment lies in your hands, it is a gift and it lives withIN you…

Walk in gratitude and with integrity…

Practice and revel in love and self-respect… For it is from loving and respecting oneself that we learn and grow to love others..

Speak well and listen even better…Listen with an open mind, an open heart and a teachable spirit…You will gain Greater perspective, insight and wisdom…
Knowledge and teachings to guide you on Your sacred journey… And remember always…You do not walk alone… .

For this knowledge I thank the ancestors, my spiritual guides and many teachers..

All My Relations- Hai Hai

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