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In my lifetime with all of the schooling I have, all of the work that I have done, and all of the positions I have held, I have always taken pride in my ability to understand everything that goes on around me.

In believing that I understand it all I have limited myself from really grasping a lot of the true meaning in life.  I have missed many of the obvious and beautiful moments by always trying to get it and get it right, right now.  I turned to my channel and asked about the limitations that I place on myself by doing this and here is the response!

Clarity and understanding for you in this moment, is not the most important thing.  The information will come to you , and you will learn to understand all that is through being who you are moment to moment and integrating this information with your life experiences as you move forward to being unique and gifted human being that you are in each precious moment you experience.

This message has certainly simplified my life, and as I live moment to moment through my experiences, creating and integrating these precious moments I am who I am, right here, right now!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Each time you take a mindful step…you are back in the arms of Mother Earth and are reminded of your…true sweet home…in the here and now ~ Thich Nhat Nanh

Shared by “Kalika”

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Is the world speeding up or am I just slowing down?

Staying here, now and only being in this moment as it exists certainly is calming!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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It sure is amazing how immersing myself in this moment will bring about rapid change in my life!

When I am busy analyzing and justifying the past and the future I sure seem to get stuck in a void with no entrance or exit. When I stay right here, right now there are always never ending moments to enter and exit!

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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One of the greatest problems that exists today is our inability to focus on what we need to focus on in order to create the life that we wish to live!

How easy it is to turn our focus completely over to the outside world and have to focus on 26 things at once instead of 1.  When I focus on too many things at once I become scattered and unable to complete anything that I start.

In our fast moving world I need to always remember the following words that were written by a wonderful friend!

“When you are beginning to create intentionally, it is often better to focus on one thing at a time – harness your energy so you can explore more”! Speaks with Wings

For me to create intentionally, I know that I can only focus on one thing at a time, in this moment, now, and by doing that my life will be constant manifestations of all that I desire and dream of in my world for me and for my world!

Thank you my friend!  I love you and your writings!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we move forward with focus!

White Eagle”

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Anticipation of an outcome!

In my life I have been well brain trained to always anticipate what is coming next.

I used to believe that this was an appropriate way to live my life, however,  now I realize that anticipation sure takes me from the here and now.   When I am anticipating outcomes in my life I certainly miss a whole lot of the wonder of the here and now!

Peace, love, light and blessings in this moment!

“White Eagle”

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For many years of my life I tended to blame others for who I was, where I was at in my life, and what I could and could not become.  All of these things were not up to me, it was in fact for other people to decide based on their issues and their problem…..Not mine!

In a strange way, someplace within me I knew that this was a smokescreen meant to keep me safe and secure in old behaviors and ways of being that I believed were comfortable for me!  I couldn’t have been more wrong for me in that moment!

One day I had the realization that time was going by and I had not shifted, readjusted my needs, wants, feelings and beliefs to fit with where I was on that day!

What a realization, I was 20 years behind myself!

It was time to change but how on earth was I to do that?

I worked and worked at attempting to come up with a plan and finally I got it!  Just be me, but I certainly had no idea of what that meant and who I was!  That is the day I began to live in the moment and be really focused in that moment as it arose!

I learned that:

  • Being in the moment is being me
  • No one really knows themselves unless they do live in the moment
  • My thoughts change momentarily
  • My behaviors change momentarily
  • My feelings change in an instant
  • No two situations are identical, nor have they ever been identical
  • My beliefs change with me as I learn and grow
  • I am totally responsible for me
  • I am response able for my actions, I decide
  • My thoughts create my reality
  • I choose it all in my life
  • THEREFORE, I create it all ….my thoughts, behaviors, feelings and beliefs!

Knowing these things today has freed me from having to put up smokescreens with my behaviors and actions to keep me safe…..I have learned to be safe, just as I am, in this moment, right here, right now and I do have the choice in this moment to be me, real, alive and move from moment to moment with or without any preconceived beliefs and outcomes.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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I woke up this morning really understanding the importance of living in the now!

  • When I was a young child I always said “When I grow up I want to be a NURSE”! I want to make people better!
  • When I was an adolescent it was “I never want to grow up but I know I have to decide what I am going to do with my life, I am to stupid to be a nurse!
  • When I was 14 I was told by a teacher/counselor that when I grew up I would be good for nothing other than to stay at home, get married if anyone would want me and raise a family and the only courses I could take were secretarial courses because I was not smart enough to be a nurse, or go onto school!
  • Then I became a young adult and fulfilled everyones wishes!
  • I became a secretary, got bored, and worked for many employers!
  • I got married to my childhood boyfriend, was unable to have a family and got divorced!
  • I learned my world was not a kind place to be, and also realized I needed to experience my life based on everyone else’s expectations of me!
  • I began to realize their expectations, continued on a path of self destruction, defeat, and degradation.
  • In others eyes I became successful, moved ahead with a career, went to school, made a lot of money, lived fast,  traveled a lot, became stressed, distraught and lost in the world of everyone else’s expectations!

Finally I became a true adult!

  • I made new choices
  • Left everything that everyone else expected behind me
  • Began to live in the now
  • Became who I am today without the labels and outside expectations
  • I put into practice all of the learning I gained in my life to become a helper of people, not a nurse in the sense I envisioned being as a child, but helping others to help themselves!

I choose in this moment to help people to understand themselves MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY by not listening to only the indoctrinated belief systems and expectations that exist today, but by living in the moment and listening to themselves!

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all on our unique and wonderful journey through life, living in this moment.

“White Eagle”

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