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Native Americans

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Your Beautiful Life
Your Beautiful Life

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One 1‘s photo.

✣…Honor the sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we
share the Earth:
Four-leggeds, two-leggeds,
winged ones,
Swimmers, crawlers,
plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty…

✣ Anonymous Native American Elder

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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“We have an old saying, Everything living must die. Only the rocks and mountains are forever.”

–Archie Fire Lame Deer, LAKOTA

The Creator designed all life to happen in a circle. For example, the cycle of life for the human being is Baby, Youth, Adult, Elder, then we die. The trees and the leaves happen in a circle; the leaves bud, then the leaves mature, next the leaves change color and at last they fall off the tree to return to the Mother Earth. The birds bear their young, raise their young, then they die. The salmon are born, swim to the ocean, live their lives, swim back to the spawning grounds, then die. All aspects of the Life Cycle should be honored.

Great Spirit, today, let me enjoy today.

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Be Who You Must Be
I don’t know where you are on your path
I have never stood in your shoes
I see not with your eyes.
I know not what your purpose is here
In this stage of your evolution
But I feel blessed to know you
As you are not in my life by chance
And you are my teacher
As I hope you learn from me
I pray I show reverence to you
I pray not to judge you
I wish to let you be
Who you are
Who you dream of being
I will just be beside you
And watch you grow
And the day will come for sure
When we will know why
Our paths crossed this way
And until then my friend
Be who you must beDiarmuid Cronin
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May the desires of your heart be pure
Seeking not to obtain but to learn
Soaring as the eagle above the trials and tribulations
Bringing peace to all who cross your path
Never allowing the dark clouds to prevail
Letting the lands remain free and untamed
May the spirit of life strengthen your power
Walk tall but softly keeping track of where you tread
Remember your brothers and sisters with kindness
Don’t let mistrust lead your paths astray
Waste not what you have been given to survive
All creatures have a purpose and place
Keep your arrows true and straight
For unnecessary plight may come from the crooked
Ask for nothing in return for giving
Listen, watch and gather wisdom from the elders
Their paths have been tried by the fire
Don’t believe because of prominence alone
Be weary for the thief comes in the night
Righteousness is the overcoming force
Truth will always be your friend(unknown)

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I will embrace who I am…
I will learn about myself…
I will respect myself, own and honor intuition and senses…
I will choose to practice and live in gratitude…
I will look within to find my answers…
I will remember and honor the child within…
I will be good to my body…
I will treat all living things with respect…
I will learn from the four directions and honor their wisdom…
I will embrace my faith and spirituality and imperfections…
I will be guided by the Great Spirit…
I will live in synchronicity and harmony with Creator and the Earth Mother…
I will choose to see the beauty in life, in all things and all people…
I will give thanks for the knowing that with Great Mystery, I create my world…
I will do my personal best without comparing my path to others…
I will see all experiences in my life as ways to grow with lessons to learn…
I will trust the Creator`s divine guidance…
I will give thanks for the ordinary miracles in my life…
I will go with the flow of life, nature and mother earth…
I will choose to love and live a peaceful existence in body, mind and spirit…
I will speak words of kindness, forgiveness and compassion…
I will listen with my heart…
I will bring love, light, peace and joy everywhere I go and to everyone I touch…
I will honor the rights of all human beings to be individuals with their own Sacred Points of View, their own path and lessons to learn…
I will use my gifts and talents to bless the world, to serve other and better myself…
I will let my inner light shine and guide me through the dark times…
I will find the positives in the negative…
I will see the magic, mystery, wonder and awe in life…
I will try to walk the good Red road and seek wisdom and balance from the medicine wheel and its teachings…
I will live in Oneness with all creation and see the purpose in all relations…
I will protect my sacred space because I am worth it…
I will give thanks for my spiritual awakening…
I will honor my spiritual essence and my place within creation…
The more I grow… the more I will know… but for where I am today and for who I`ve become, I say thank you for never giving up on me…
All My Relations – Hai Hai

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Our children are our greatest creation!

They teach us everyday to be human, to be real, and to know who we are and how it is that we fit into this wonderful universe, this creation,  that we  are all apart of.

Out of their silence, you will learn much about yourself that you could not learn any other way. From their words, they are a reflection of what it is that you teach them.

Remember dear ones, that what it is that you put out into your world comes back to you ten fold, and when you put out negativity and thoughtlessness, this too comes back to you ten fold through the mouths and actions of our children.

All children are your children!

It makes no difference what family background, race, creed, color or religion, the children of this earth have come to this earth to help her to grow and flourish into all that she is “Our true Mother, is Mother Earth”, and our children honor all that is a part of her until they are taught not to by those who take part in their lives!

  • Have you ever sat and watched a young child interact with Mother nature?
  • Have you noticed the honor and the respect that they have for a bug, a blade of grass, and for one another!
  • How is it that all of this can be lost so rapidly today?

Our world moves quickly and is growing at a very rapid rate.  Being able to slow down our world and interact with those that will continue to grow our world into all that she is meant to be is one of the most important functions that exists today!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we learn and grow together with our children!

“White Eagle”

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When I was growing up I was rebellious, self centered, and stubborn. I used to look at these undesirable behavior traits as a problem, but in having these behaviors I sure learned a lot.  What I learned was:

  • People didn’t want to argue with me the greater the argument the stronger I became
  • I learned to view life as I’m right, you are wrong or my way is the only way
  • Others perceived me as tough and a person to stay away from
  • What I view other people miss
  • No one knew more about me and my life than me
  • People who thought they knew me and the reasons for doing what I did, did not have a clue about me and my beliefs.
  • The more assertive I became, the more people backed away from me
  • I had fear of everyone, so the stronger the defense I put out, the more people would stay away.  Fear attracts fear!

I questioned many times in my life how I had learned just a few of these aggressive and assertive behaviors and I began to understand that each if the behaviors came to me through need.  I was and still am a very sensitive person who is very aware of what people say about me, how they view me, and how they feel when they are around me.  I am a sensitive, and sensitives need to learn to take care of themselves!

All of this became clear to me when my mother was dying!  My mother was the person who taught me many of these skills in assertiveness.  She was a strong, caring and tough individual whose behaviors were identical to mine.  She and I battled throughout my growing up years in every way you could imagine.  At this time, the time of her imminent passing, we were sharing life stories and I was listening very closely to the decisions she was making that were leading her to leave earth plane.

One peace of information that had a huge impact on me was when she said:

“I am not concerned about leaving you, I know that you will always be fine, you know how to stand up for yourself and that is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn in your life’!  “Your brothers and sister I worry about them more, they are not as strong in fighting for what they need for them in their lives!”

All of my life I had been criticized, ridiculed, punished and put down because of the way that she and I fought with one another, mentally, physically, emotionally and yes, even spiritually!  Little did I know that these lessons would lead me to working with some of the most difficult, strong, stubborn, rebellious, self centered individuals  who are really the most sensitive people who exist on earth plane.

Yes, my mother had it right, I had learned to stand up for myself, and what a valuable lesson that has become in all area’s of my life.  I learned in standing up for myself, that each human being I encounter in my life also has a right and need to stand up for themselves!  It is important for me to honor their understandings and needs and in return they will honor mine.

Peace, love, light and blessings


For the little witch or warlock in us all!

“White Eagle”

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