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Things You Didn’t Know

Shared by “Stacey” and “Laurie”

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“The Ego is a veil between humans and God’.”
“In prayer all are equal.”

Shared by “Brenda”

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Exciting Times....
Shared by “Brigitta”

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‎”Humans are not the only beings on earth that have feelings and emotions..”
Shared by “Redberry” Chantal

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When I woke up this morning I thought to myself, “I think its time to fly over to visit the humans”!

It has been many years since I let the wind float my wings in their direction.  The day was clear and a lite wind to travel on, a good day indeed, as I flew over many places.

I wondered to myself  how the humans made it so  far on their road of life?  From caves to homes, from walking to cars, from ground to sky ,and even some have been to the stars. now thats climing the ladder!   As I landed on a tree over looking a city,  I thought:

  •  “What will they do next” ?
  • “Where will they go from here”?
  • “Will the humans ever find a way to get along”?

Maybe if they did they would realize that they are part of a bigger plan that has been hidden from them for years.  I don’t think they’ll find out the answer to that one!   They have too many things to distract them from their real purpose.   So I returned back to the tree from this morning where I found my winged friend.  I returned back to my body and when doing so thanked the eagle for letting me use his vessel.   As I stepped into my ship and flew away I smiled and thought “Boy are they in for a big surprise”!

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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Are all of the flowers in a field the same?

What makes one flower perfect and another imperfect?

Are all human beings the same?

What makes one human being perfect and another imperfect?

Those who strive to be perfect are imperfect. To find balance or the neutral zone, remember:

That if you want to be perfect, you must believe Yourself to be imperfect!

This is a challenge for all humans on earth today.  Understand that Nothing in your world is perfect!

Perfection is your perception!It is a process of fulfillment and becoming whole.

Embrace you, your perfections and imperfections as you journey forward through this lifetime knowing that you are a human being who is learning, doing and being all that you are!

Peace, love, light and blessings be with you on this exciting journey into your true existence.

“Whitebird “


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