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Peace, love, light and blessings

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Take time to know who you are my girl… to look at how you solve a problem, walk in the world, live with other beings, see the world and your place within it… Learn to listen to your heart… it will tell you much about who you are… don`t be afraid of change, challenges and struggles but embrace them with an open mind, an open heart and open arms… because coupled with quiet courage, they will bring transformation and blessings to your life that would have otherwise been impossible…

In the Great Design, we all have something to offer… although it may not always be visible to the eye, it is to the heart, if we choose to look for it… in ourselves and in others… Some keep the fire, some get wood for it, some warm themselves by it and pray, some take a part of it to others so they can share in the gift. Some don’t do anything and let it burn out… but as guardians of mother earth and her children, we are ALL gifted with the ability to contribute something…

The path of the guardian is one that we do not choose, but for which we are chosen. It is a most honorable calling to serve and to take one’s place as a caretaker of All Our Relations. When the path is understood and the Old Ways of our Ancestors are re-awakened in our hearts, we will gently be led and guided into a life of service… based on humility, giving, loving and gratitude… Each day we are blessed with an opportunity to touch someone else`s life by living the best life we can…

In the Great Design, there is room and love for everyone… it was meant to be this way so every single one of us could revel in our uniqueness…. be true to who we are, express our gifts and talents, and bless the world with the beauty of our Inner Being and brilliance… This is a gift from the Great Spirit reminding us that we ALL matter… We are All One… We are All Related… May you in beauty…

For this knowledge I thank our Ancestors, my spirit guides, teachers, elders, spiritual family and my mom… Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) Hiy Hiy – Redberry

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Some words of love for you…
Each morning when you awake, may you give thanks for the life you have been given, the lessons you have learned… and for all of those purposefully placed upon your path to help you learn them… Many of your teachings have been rooted in humility my girl… This was not by chance or accident but out of love and purpose… Humility taught you about a great deal about love, compassion, peace and forgiveness… Have you ever seen someone who has not been through a whole lot of hardships or suffering often they have not much compassion and cannot relate very well to other people’s sufferings… Humility is a special quality that strengthens our spiritual connection to the Great Spirit, our inner being, and All Our Relations…
When we have experienced moments and feelings of humility in our lives, they seem to remind us not to judge or live in fear, but instead in love, while respecting ourselves, our choices, others and where they are on their Sacred journey… It allows us to hear, see and feel with our hearts… and to live life from a place of unconditional love and with greater understanding and awareness… It stirs our courage, ignites our faith and illuminates our soul…
Blessed by the whispers from the Old Ones, you have come to realize that the Spirits often choose people least expected to do Their work here on earth… you have asked why and the answer is beautifully simple… It is through humility that the Spirit leads… When we are humbled, we open our hearts to the Great Spirit’s love, workings and wisdom… Humility allows the Great Spirit to raise someone high in a spiritual way, in His/Her power and not ours… The Great Spirit sees in our hearts and is not fooled by outside things, as many of us are… and this is why the kokums (grandmothers) say never to laugh at anyone because you never know who is looking after that person…or what sacred purpose they are destined to fulfill…
May you always remember that when we have been tested, and challenged through trials and tribulations, we were being prepared to be of service to the Great Spirit and to the people… We were also being taught how to connect with the earth, spirit and its beings in a compassionate way… We experienced and lived through painful situations to be able to understand and feel the pain and suffering felt by others, and this my girl, is a gift that allows us to begin to see a person’s Being rather than their Doings… thus we begin to see in their hearts… Without humility, you would not be who you are today… or walk in the world the way you do… it was all meant to be… and above all, remember that You are loved…and You are precious…. May you walk in love and beauty…
Although I was taught that church was the place to find God, one of the best places I have ever spent time with Creator has been within the walls of AA meetings… On my journey I have learned that humility, humor and spirituality… are strongly connected… For this teaching and life lesson I humbly give thanks…
For this knowledge I thank our Ancestors, my spirit guides, elders, teachers, my mother and spiritual family… Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) Hiy Hiy – Redberry

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Have the strength of a tree. Grounded in humility, take nothing personally. Let positive thoughts spread like branches throughout your life. Stand firm in your convictions, reach up and out in pursuit of your dreams, always bending to adapt to the winds of change.

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Channelled “Living In Spirit”

You search for the words to write, but search no more, our loving being for the words of truth will flow out of you..like the winds that carry the seeds of a beautiful flower & it spreads across the Lands..later forming many new beautiful flowers..this is you, Dear One, planting a seed in the hearts of so many. Your humbleness will bring such growth to others because of your non-judgemental ways. You approach others with such gentleness & openess that will be able to help transform others into beautiful creations of who they are here to be & why, they will embrace their Trueselves . Speak your inner wisdom, for the truth is what the human race need to hear to change, to grow, to raise everyones energy vibrations.
Go now Dear One, Spread the seed of Today…
Your light shines for others to see their Path more clearly, this will bring them Peace & All together your Love will bring Many Blessings to All!

To help one another we must all learn to not only
“Talk the Talk”
but to truly “Walk the Walk”

Luv to All,
Red Feather

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