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Thank you for all you have given to us here on earth plane!   Fly freely in Spirit knowing that you are loved and will be missed by many!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Tony James Marcotte

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some people move our souls to dance.
They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom.

Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.
They stay in our lives for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.:
To all those who we have lost in life or death, in crossings paths, or passing..
To  my friend and cousin, may you find peace, love, and light and know that you will share in spirit with us all today and forever!
Love you Tony
 Noah and all of your family on earth!
Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle

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When I want my world to be the same as it used to be, I am cheating myself out of knowing the beauty that exists in this  moment.  When I stay stuck grieving for the people I have lost, the experiences that are gone, changes that are made, I can not remain in the moment, focused on how I am now.

Movement forward is inevitable and good, memories are wonderful, provided I am still moving forward with my life now.  In this moment I am moving forward with all of the memories of my father with me!

Thank you to my father on this father’s day who is with me in spirit and memory, right here, right now!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Ni Mama

Juliette Evelyn Buffalo-Robe, Royal Canadian Air Force. 1932 – 2009

Shared by “April Buffalo-Robe 

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From our point of view, it seems as though, God has taken you much too soon.

Well before we got to see you fully bloom.

And yet one glance at your captivating eyes and your magical smile, in the images that remain,

In our hearts, our memories, and this world just the same,

Helps those of us left on this Earth to know your life was not lived in vain,

And that every word spoken, every moment spent joking, every tear shed will help you with your journey forward.

To guide you toward a place of pure light,

And remind us not to give up the fight.

To live life to the fullest and not waste one second of one single day.

We will miss you dearly, beautiful Christine

You touched all of our lives in ways both seen and unseen

We love you always and will never forget how much you mean.


In Memory of Christine

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This is the eulogy I wrote for my foster son Mischick, who passed away on December 2, 2001. He was 10 months old.

On May 4th,2001, I met and fell in love with Mischick. He became my son. He was three months old. By the end of that day my husband and the rest of our children had also fallen in love with him. He was a beautiful and very special child. His father told me that me that his name , Mischick, meant Little Branch in Cree.. I didn’t realize then how appropriate that name was for him or what an unbelievable journey he would take us on. I believe I understand it now.
For many years, I’ve believed that each one of us is put on this Earth for a reason, some to learn, some to teach…Mischick was here to teach and he did.
Mischick didn’t have a very long life, today as we say goodbye, he would have been ten months old. He struggled, suffered and fought for each day he had. He overcame so many obsticles with dignity, courage and the strongest spirit I’ve ever met. He was also the happiest baby I’ve ever met. Right till the end, no matter how bad it got, still he fought, didn’t surrender and did it all with a smile on his little face and a twinkle in his big brown eyes. His was a gentle soul.
He made us laugh many times a day by lifting his eyebrows and sticking out his tongue. He loved to cuddle and be right in the middle of the action. He radiated love.
Mischick taught us many lessons…..
– not to give up
– to be patient
– to smile and give joy
– to live each day with joy
– to be thankful for all we have
– to accept what can’t be changed
– to right the wrongs we can
– how sometimes, you must love someone enough to let
them go.
You may be wondering what I meant when I said his name was perfect for him……..
The first time my mother met Mischick, she said he was too small to be called Little Branch, so she called him Tiny Twig. Well, it didn’t take very long for the Twig to become the Branch and although Mischick’s body may never grow to be a mighty tree, his Spirit already has.
A Mighty Tree with a trunk made strong by Mischick’s spirit, courage and loving heart.
Boughs of two different cultures who came together with respect, trust and to learn from each other.
Branches made up of grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters.
Many leaves of relatives, friends, band members, medical personel, and anyonewho ever met him.
And Roots, sunk deep in Mother Earth, made of two families, joined in loving, caring for and doing what was best for one small boy.
Today, we must give Mischick back to Creator, but we do so knowing that the Tree he became will continue to grow and join us all for many years to come.

Mischick, we miss you, we honor you, we love you. You will live in our hearts forever.

Mommy, Raven Wing

MISCHICK Feb.5/01 — Dec.2/01


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(This is in response to The Spirit of Sarah)

I remember this passing and how it affected my daughter at the time as we too grew up in the same community with the same type of background.

I lost my son on September 7, 2010. It was a surprising and tragic death as he was the young age of 20. I thought after all the years of parenting as a single-parent, that we had finally reached the point where my son was a young man and the worry would end. I no longer had to imagine what he might look like as a young man ~ the proof was in front of my eyes. He was 6’2″, filling out to be a handsome young man with sparkling blue eyes. He had a zest for life and a generosity of spirit unmatched by any other person in our acquaintance. He was loyal and open-minded and there are stories of him literally giving the clothes off his back to street people in need.

My son’s death was a shock and in the days leading up to his Celebration of Life, I was in shock, numb and in incredible pain. I didn’t dream until the morning of his service. The dream was vivid. To go back in time…2 years previous my son and I had gone to his first funeral. It was a service in the memory of a young man, older than my son, who had grown up on our rural road and who had passed in his mid-twenties, also tragically. Flash forward to my dream….I dreamed that the mother of the other young man and myself were standing at the end of her driveway on our road. We were standing side by side and looked up to hear geese. There were only two. They were Canadian Geese, flying side-by-side and I instinctively knew they were Brett and my son Rhys. I have not dreamed in the 6 weeks since, but I was troubled by this dream and looked online for some significance. What I found said that the geese represented “safe journey and love of family”. I feel that both of us mothers were being told that the boys were together, they were safe and they loved us.

Well I had to tell my friend about the dream about our sons. She went out that day to her vehicle and found one feather on the windshield of her car. I also told my son’s girlfriend (who he planned to marry) and she went home that day to find a single feather on her pillow.

I don’t know where my son is, but I feel strongly that he sent me a message that day. Because I miss him so much I am greedy and want more, but I have to have faith that he is around us, safe and wanting us to know he loves us and is safe.

I struggle with my head and my heart. My heart tells me he is around us; my head tries to find a logical explanation for the dreams and the signs. I also struggle with knowing my son is safe and his light, his energy and his soul are where they need to be ~ somewhere were we may again be togehter. I think of Rhys every second of every day, every breath and only wish to find peace with the purpose of his life and his passing. I hope with time I may be blessed with that knowledge.

Sara B.

Dear Sara B.

I found a single feather sitting on my floor by my entrance door.

When I saw that you had written this reply, I knew why it had been left for me.

Please forgive an misinterpretations this channeling may contain.

Sara, you asked for the knowledge of your dear som Rhys…  Here it is.

This is my gift to you.  May you find healing in your own time.


I am here.

I am here.

Standing by the wash/night stand.

I am even taller now.

You may not know me to see me but it is me.

Do you feel me tug on your sheets at night?

Do you feel me play with your hair?

Momma, Iam where I need to be –

Beside your right side.

Can you feel my arm across your back?

Can you feel my left hand upon your shoulder?

You always loved my smile.

Momma, I am smiling now!
No more pain and a future to gain.

Momma, please sing to me before bed time.

Things are OK.

We are together now.

But Momma, where is my blue shirt?

I cannot find it anywhere.

I love you Momma.

I love you.

Let me wipe away your tears. R”

I present to you the Auracature drawn duing the writing of this message.





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Several years ago a young couple showed up in my office for Grief Counselling. Their 12 year old daughter, Sarah, had just died in an accident and they were in great need of someone to listen to them and help them to understand what had happened. They were looking for guidance, support and answers. The grief they were experiencing was immense. Sarah had been so alive only a short time ago and all of a sudden she was physically gone.

The most amazing things began to happen as I sat in the office with them offering my support and compassion. I felt cool drafts of air running past me, I would look up and see a shadow of Sarah, I felt tingling sensations through my body, and I intuitively knew that she was with us in spirit. As Sarah’s Mom talked, calmness started to move through me and I knew that Sarah was guiding us through her passing and the grief that existed for us all in that moment.

Sarah was a member of a 4H Club and had gone on a group outing to pick rocks on a ranch outside of the city. She had an inner ear infection and was not well, however, she was really looking forward to her outing with the group. While she was picking rocks, she lost her balance and was run over by the wheels of a tractor. Sarah’s sister and her aunt were with her when she died. As with any accidental death, the people who you are close to tend to question what they could have done differently so that this would not have happened. Her Mother and Father sat with me today wanting to remove the pain of losing their daughter by blaming themselves. Mom said she should have stopped Sarah from going and believed it was all her fault. She had always been protective of Sarah and was questioning why she hadn’t protected her this time. In that moment I knew from my connection with Sarah and her presence in the room with us, that it was simply Sarah’s time to go. She had much to do outside of the physical world and she was embarking on a journey that would not be easily understood by those who did not know about life, death and life purpose both here and in the world of spirit. Sarah’s life on earth was filled with her love of family, friends, animals and all of Creators wonders. She was a 12 year old who had given much of her true self to all she encountered on earth. When Sarah passed on a tree was planted in her honor outside of the school she attended. Sarah was and still is, physically and spiritually an angel who wants to help others and immerse herself in the beauty of every part of her life. She wants this earth, the world to be a better place to live in for us all.

While she was on earth, she loved to work in her mother’s store, be with and take care of her animals, spend time with her family, her friends and enjoy the beauty of each moment that she was immersed in. Sarah’s compassion for others was, and still is outstanding. She was an angel in her physical life and is now an angel in spirit. She creates some of the most amazing ways to let people know that she is O.K. and doing what she needs to do now in spirit.

The first encounter for me with her spiritual presence was very strong. Sarah has been ever present and creative in the ways that she lets people know that she is still with them. The day of Sarah’s funeral there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky that seemed to end right where Sarah at the site of the funeral. At the scene of the accident where Sarah died, a beautiful big heart shaped rock was found right on the sight of where the accident took place. From that point forward each time her family was missing her physical presence, a heart shaped rock would miraculously appear for them. During the time I was counseling her family, I had a bag of Apache Teardrop stones that I used to give out in programs to remind us if life should seem dark, we knew to hold the stone to the sunshine and the darkness would be gone and light shines through, just as it does in every moment in our lives. One day I reached into the bag of apache tears while I was thinking of Sarah, and to my surprise I found an apache tear I had never seen before. It was a perfect heart shaped stone with a small chip in the corner. Every stone from Sarah seemed to have that same chip out of the corner of it. Every time one of the stones showed up it was to assist with the lack of her physical presence in our lives and to overcome the overwhelming grief that people were feeling. For me it was always the time to acknowledge her presence spiritually in my life. Sarah is still very much with us all which became very evident to me today while I am writing her story. Knowingly, I have sensed her presence and I understand how important it is to get her message out into the world. Just as I began to writer her story, her mother called me and asked if I would listen to a letter that she had just written to send to her sister, whose husband had just died in an industrial accident. Strange occurrence, you bet, but that is the magic of Sarah.

I know that Sarah is very much present with her family, friends and me, whenever she is needed. Her angelic presence is never missed by those who know her story, and those who understand the gift of her compassion and caring on earth plane and beyond. There is never a rainbow in the sky that does not remind me of Sarah, and when her uncle passed on, surprisingly there was the most beautiful double rainbow that appeared in the sky directly over her family’s neighbourhood. At that time I was driving home from visiting friends who had just lost their first grandchild. I immediately thanked Sarah for her presence as I do every moment that I am aware of her being with me.

Note: Two years later as I was getting this ready for publishing, again Sarah was with us in spirit. Amazingly, the day that this part of my book was being typed was the anniversary date of her death. I consciously had no recollection of the date of her passing, however, I had been thinking about her mother and I knew it was time to call her. What a surprise to find out that this was a very important date for Sarah and her family.

I appreciate you Sarah for all that you are and all that you give to everyone that you touch with your presence.



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