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In you learning about the mind and the brain, it is in fact very accurate!

The brain is host to the information that is to come to you from your outside world. It is this information from the outside world that may be biased, manipulative and not conducive for human growth and functioning. It does not make any difference which source the information comes from, what you need to know is, if it comes from the outside, it is information which is taken into the brain and is clearly a function of deductive reasoning. Reasoning has created many of the problems that have occurred on this planet. When someone presents you with only personally perceived facts, earth beings believe that must be the way that it is. When in fact the only thing that can be said for guidance from outside of oneself is that it can provide you with a means to gather information to fit into what it is that someone else wants you to be or to do. Quite simply the brain is a sorting mechanism, and when you are using only your brain, you limit yourself personally from the growth that is so important to sustain this planet, the animals, plants, people insects and that all that inhabit it. Have you ever sat and watched an insect work. Insects do not have the capacity to think, they have only the capacity to know what it is that they know. It is from this knowing that mountains can be moved, shifted and altered in order to fit with what it is that is necessary to continue to assist the growth on earth. In this growth, everything and everyone has a reason for being. Your reason for being is simple, however as a human being you have made it very complex. You tend to break your society down into many tiny units. Then you learn through brain training that each of the smallest and most minute aspects of your life are overly important and that everything must be in an order that you want it to be in, not in an order which was meant for it to be in. Use your life as an example. You have been taught to love, care and follow all of the rules and guidelines as they are set out for you to follow, when in actual fact, your greatest purpose is achieved when you break from what it is that you are supposed to do and do what it is that you do without thought, without guidance from anything or anyone other than your true being. It is this true being that is pure, simple and accomplishing your life purpose. To accomplish this purpose, you are required only to believe in who you are, and know that you have a purpose which is provided for you by you. It is unfortunate today that so many of you are not following your purpose. The roadblocks which are thrown at you from all directions create such difficulty for the precious humans today, and it is these roadblocks which screen you from being able to see what it is that you do, and who you are!

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In this world there is so much information, so many words, and so little clarification that the lack of communication and understanding is immense!

The information systems are exactly that…..insuring that we are IN FORM exactly as a system requires us to be!

The darn thing is attempting to figure out what each unique system wants and how my unique understanding fits with their needs is frustrating and seems to be impossible!

Hold on, WOW, it can be done, I just need to focus and stay in the present!

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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