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One of your greatest inner powers is believing that you can accomplish what you set out to do.
Believing is a magic power and it sets your inner forces in motion.
You Can Do It.

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Last night was one of those interesting nights that I am still questioning this morning!

I went to bed at my regular time, slept soundly for 4 hours and then all of a sudden I was wide awake and my inner senses seemed to be on red alert! I got up and turned on the lights and there was no power! I walked into the bathroom turned on that light and there was power, I checked the fridge there was no power, I attempted to turn on another light and there was no power…..the amazing thing was there was no rhyme nor reason for the circuits being down, some appliances that were on the same circuit were on, others on the same circuit were off! I sat down at my computer, switched it on, and there was power!  The next thing I felt was that I needed to write, so I sat down and a message began to come through me about inner power surges and outer power surges!

I was channeling in the middle of the night about power surges!!!!

I guess that would be called an inner power surge! lol

My partner woke up and proceeded to inform me that he knew I was channeling and that she was here and was a part of the strange power surges that were happening in the house.  We had one alarm beeping quietly enough not to wake up the entire neighborhood, just loud enough to make sure that we were awake.  Finally everything was quiet, the outer power was restored and my inner power and channeling had subsided.  This morning when I got up, I turned on the computer and started looking for a rationale for all of these exceptional and positive happenings in the middle of the night.  I went to face book and thanks to Soul2Soul Treasures entry yesterday, this is what I found!

I know a lot of you have been having problems (me too!) with computers & communication of all kinds… even fb is acting crazy tonight! We’ve got quite a whammy with Mercury Retrograde until the 26th, but also some major solar flares hitting the earth and messing up electronics & communications this week. Hold tight!  I also knew that it is just two days before a full moon and things can be strange then!

This seemed to be enough to satisfy that very curious part of myself, and allow me to accept the channeling that happened in the middle of this wonderful night of signs and messages!

Peace, love, light and blessings through the inner and outer power surges taking place now!

“White Eagle”

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There are two kinds of power surges going on right now!

The inner power surges are strong, creative and full of light, energy and I choose to channel them through peace and love!

The outer power surges have also been very strong, knocking out electricity, changing the weather patterns and supplying Mother Earth with a strong burst of activity and confusion. Thank you Creator for my inner surges of creativity, peace and love that provide balance on our earth!

“White Eagle”

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