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Let the wolves run free

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There are many times in life where we need to do or are asked  to do things that we may not have ever done before!
I have learned that it is easier to turn every new situation into an adventure, a journey of discovery.

Every moment today will now become a new adventure journey for me, I have never lived this moment before, nor will I again and I know my life is about adventures and learning.

Enjoy your adventure as you journey through the moments of today!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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It certainly is amazing how intuition works?

We are all intuitive on some level and for me it is really important to recognize where thought begins after intuition kicks in!

Yesterday was an example of intuition in action.  I was thinking about a friend all day,  my thoughts were unsettled.  As worry and concern began I knew I needed to contact her. I found out she was travelling,  and my intuition kicked in.  Protection and blessings for safe travel instantly and intuitively appeared!

Checking facebook later she was in an accident because of the roads but she is fine!

Peace, love. light, blessings and gratitude for the angels who travel with us guiding us to our angelic intuition on earth plane!

“White Eagle”

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In the last while  my dreams have been very vivid and real!

The amazing thing about them is I seem to be out on soul travel missions, astral projecting or being a helper in energy  for much of the night.

One example of this is a dream I had last night!

I was in a foreign country, for some reason the Ukraine, keeps coming into my conscious thoughts today, and I was riding on a very crowded bus with two older women who were sitting  right in front of me. All of a sudden the youngest of the two women began to choke and just could not catch her breath or breathe.

At that time I woke up with a start but the eyes of the choking woman stayed with me, I then began to send her healing light and energy.  I was wide awake, and  imagined giving her the heimlich maneuver, hitting her on the back, talking with her, all the time my physical being here on earth plane was focused on her eyes, getting her moved off of the bus and breathing once again.  I could not go back to sleep again until I was sure that the woman was O.K.

In an image while I was wide awake, her eyes cleared, although she was crying, she was breathing on her own and I knew then it was alright for me to go back to sleep once again.

Remembering my dreams is not something that happens for me often, however, this dream was very significant for me in understanding that my soul does travel, and I do something wonderful things while I am physically sound asleep!

Have your dreams changed?

How much do you remember about what you dream?

Are these dreams clearing or real for you?

Today, in this moment I feel grounded, clear, happy and thankful to be me knowing that I am moving with the flow in earth time and beyond!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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The road to success is always under construction!

Amazing how we have learned to look for alternate routes that stop us from succeeding.

What new routes are you creating for you today to avoid the construction of success?

Peace, love, light and blessings

Inspired by Robyn

“White Eagle”

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The more  aware you are through consciousness, the more you will realize that you are successful in what you do.

Even in failing you have become a success at failing, which will lead you to success as you progress through your life.

Awakening to the true human being that you are is an exciting journey into the known, which has been covered by darkness for too long.

The process of awakening differs for each unique earth being, and in this process take care of all that is through you.

The process of awakening is success and is guaranteed to you in whatever it is that you do.

Success is a state of mind and your mind connected to the inner sense of being, inner being (inner self) is success, there is no failure, only your growth and awareness of the conscious creations which are you.

Every second of every day you are successful.  Right here, right now you are successful in chanelling this message to go out into your world to ensure all who read this message will be successful in sharing it with all they encounter on earth plane, or they will be successful in not sharing it with all they encounter.

Peace, love, light, blessings and success every moment of every day knowing that you have just been successful in reading this message for all of mankind!

“White Eagle”

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I am a teacher. I have been teaching since I was nine years old. When I was seven, in the first grade, my first ever report card read 100%, A+. My mom was proud. I was doomed. For the rest of my life, this was the standard set for me to improve on. This was the first stepping stone in my life journey. Nothing would be the same from that point on. This is what defined me.

In the second grade I got a 98%. For most people…that would have been a good grade…for me, I got comments like: “You did better last year…what did you get wrong?…you didn’t apply yourself…were you feeling sick that day?” For an eight year old, that was a lot of pressure. My mom and my teachers decided to get my eyes tested. This followed with new glasses, the thick black rimmed ones, you know…the ones geeks wear. I would now have to be seated in the very front row so I could see better.

In grade three, my first term report card was back on track…100%. I was now back to being popular. I had friends now. Friends that needed me to succeed. We had a telephone back then, the black ones on a party line. Before, we would maybe get one phone call a week. Now, I was getting three or four calls a night from my friends needing help with their homework. My mom was starting to get annoyed being my secretary. This is where I knew I had become a teacher. I couldn’t refuse to help anyone in need of my help. I just couldn’t understand why anyone had trouble doing this stuff. I was so easy for me. So I taught them how to do math, reading and writing over the phone. Sometimes it took me two hours of explaining. I was also helping my brothers and sisters with their homework. Teaching something that I took for granted as being easy and then having to explain it to someone else was not easy.

Not at first. But then again, I was only nine years old.



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