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“Be compassionate when you encounter people that are having trouble coping, for this is one of the most challenging times to live upon the Earth. Everyone seems to have a full plate of their own stuff, with no time for anybody else’s problems. When you are having trouble dealing with someone, that’s the time to ponder what life experience has created the character that is before me now.”
“When dealing with negative people instead of judging them; empathize with them. You understand how it feels to be annoyed, to feel unloved, to feel unworthy, etc – knowing all too well that it’s not a very enjoyable thing to experience. So feel a sense of compassion and empathy for negative people, instead of wanting to condemn and label them. What they most need is your love sent, not your judgement.”
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Stop judging!
Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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~I don’t judge you….. I don’t critize you….. I don’t care where you came from, how you go there… and how YOU BECAME WHO YOU ARE!

Why do you judge me… why do you critize me…. I AM WHO I AM!!!


It doesn’t matter how poor you may have been, or how wealthy you are…. That doesn’t matter to me…. All that matters is your health……Why do say, I don’t care, or act like I shouldn’t care….. I have a heart… I have feelings too…. I have forgiven….. I am an open book…. you know bascially everything about me…..why do you say what you say to me….Why don’t I matter…. why shouldn’t I know….I don’t judge you…. why do you insist on judging me…. there is only one judge… and I leave that up to him…..I don’t care what your race is …. or the life you have chosen….. Why do you feel the need to judge me….I AM ME!!!

Today, when out and about…..take this time…. to smile, wave, open a door to who ever  it maybe…. Be a neighbor to your neighbor today… shovel off their side walk… take their dog for a walk, while you walk yours….Lend an ear to friends in need…Most importantly……don’t judge yourself…. by how you may look… how thin or heavy you maybe… We have enough critics and judges out there, in this sometimes very harsh world….so don’t be hard on yourself…. be your best friend… and Be WHo YOu are…Let those that judge you……be within themselves today… don’t let their negative comments or remarks… reflect upon you…….

  • Be strong…
  • stay strong….
  • you are beautiful inside and out!!!..♥

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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If you judge people you have no time to love them!

Mother Teresa …

Shared by “Kalika”

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Judging others, is judging self
For we are the mirror image of one another
We can see the reflection of ourself in someone else
Whether we realize it or not we are all connected
The Creator made us to be as One
Judging others is only allowing “ego” to take over, holding us back
Instead of analyzing another, have acceptance of self first
then you will come to the realization that another is exactly where they need to be at this time, send them love, understanding & pray
for their growth, if we want Our World to be safe, loving & free
we need to release judgement & expectations we have of one another for sometimes we think others should meet our standards
We all grow at different rates, this was Our Creators plan all along
so we can help one another, so sometimes we are the student, next time we are the teacher, we are all equal in the eyes of Our Creator..So, let’s walk together with a open heart & set judgement aside..ALL together we can walk this path of life, shining our lights for each other to see more clearly the road ahead, or lend a hand when someone falls to help them back up so we can be on our way
We can be the Voice to give encouragement when someones too tired to continue on..for together is the Way to be the change
To make Our world be as it was long ago..Peaceful, Loving & Full of Breathtaking Light! Stand with me & ALL together we can all become Our True Authentic Selves!

Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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It is so easy to judge others! The thing I need to remember about judging is in order to judge and criticize others I first must recognize that the person I am judging must have behaviors that are known to me because I have them or have had them. When I talk about others am I really talking about myself?

We all judge, we are well trained to do so!

Peace, love, light and honesty.
“White Eagle”

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