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Here are some facts:

  1. we are born and
  2. we pass away

The middle of our life is a free for all to learn:

  • to share,
  • to love,
  • to laugh ,
  • to feel ,
  • to cry

all of these things make you stronger so that you can gather what you need to move on within your own creation.

We all know we meet up on the other side and continue on the journey of existence and that you never stop existing .

Only you can make the road of your creation hard or easy that one is all up to you to figure out for yourself , so good luck .

I may have now  led you to another stream to drink from, or more to think about,  but I can’t force you to drink  from it, for if I do I am taking away your freedom and your right, to be you.

So instead I made a spot just for you ,so if at anytime you are ready to go there the spot will be there waiting for you.

Shared by “Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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