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“Spirit Guide

I open my soul
You open my eyes,
Angels and demons
Both wear a disguise.
Age is a number,
Like an old time clock,
Footprints in the sand
That I will re-walk.
What path will I take?
What road will be next?
My soul is set free
My heart is perplexed.
So what do I do?
With nothing to hide,
I do have an edge
My own spirit guide.

Written and Shared by “Troy”

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No Fear-Native American Spirituality and Thoughts-A Tribute
Greatness is in having a purpose—not in just having a personality. Purpose shapes personality, not the other way around. Chief Joseph, Chief John Ross, and Sitting Bull were all great leaders, but their central purpose was even greater.
Every seed of knowledge, every ounce of wisdom, was to lead and guide their people. They were constantly reminded of how much was yet to be learned. When a purpose
and a goal stand for the good of the people, it carries a seed of greatness. In its simplicity it has no time for constant limelight, but only to accomplish more and reach farther. In areas of service, doing something to help other people humbles willing
workers. They know they only scratch the surface of what there is to do— and unbelievable barriers are set in their way by ignorant people.
We are peaceful people, we are not aggressive. In this lies
our strength.
Shared by “Redberry” Chantal

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