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One persons truth could be another persons lie, it is not up to us to judge, when we judge and condemn others we take a piece of what they carry upon ourselves and build up those things we will be judged for in the end!

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It is easier for people to believe a big lie than a little one!

When you keep telling a lie over and over people will start to believe you,even youself, the one telling the lie,will belive it’s true.

A lie we all believed in as kids was Santa Claus.   We were told he was real and when you got older you had to find out it was just a lie and we all fell for it .

The world didn’t stop turning,  instead it turned into a time of giving love to your family.
Fact and telling the truth comes with no strings!  Fact and proof , will do away with any belief system , no matter how hard you want it to be true, when you take responsibility for yourself , you don’t need someone telling you what’s true or not ,or whats wrong and whats right ,
because you already know the difference.
When you tell a lie it comes with fear!
Fear that no one will find out the truth , so you can add stress to the list, so in closing when you are true to yourself, you are true to the rest of the world and there is no stress when you are honest.

Wandering Eagle (Dean)

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