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We all have times where there just does not seem to be words to express to someone the sorrow that you feel in their loss of a good friend, family member, animal, or way of life.

I seem to be running into this often today, and without being in the persons personal space, it sure is difficult to know that my  feelings are understood by them.

Today we have computers, and they can put forth the words that you want to say, however, a great percentage of our communication is non-verbal, so how much do they really know.

To those in my life today, this moment that are encountering losses, please know that I am with you mentally( in thought), physically (in action) emotionally ( in feelings) and spiritually (in belief).

I am with you in energy and spirit sending you

Peace, love,light and blessings!

Special love to my friend Laurie and her horse Jack, please know that I am with you in all ways!

“White Eagle”

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