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“Man on the Moon

I sat and watched the moon last night
The man started talking to me,
I asked him questions about my life
He said slow down and wait to see.
Do not hurry to find true love
There is so much to learn and do,
Just be patient and you will find
That love will come looking for you.
Be who you are and define yourself
Always walk with your head held high,
Follow your heart and chase your dreams
Release your soul and let it fly.
There are no rules to live this life
You have to follow your own tune,
I learned a lot about myself
As I watched the man on the moon.”

Written and Shared by “Troy”


I will learn, share, grow and be myself  as I talk with the man in the moon!

As I sleep  I will let myself go, release my soul and let it fly knowing that there are no rules to live my life by in my dreams!  

What will you say to the Man In the Moon?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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