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Sun Gazing

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Its so True :)Wish you all a beautiful day with a lot of positive thoughts... <3
It is so True     🙂
Wish you all a beautiful day with a lot of positive thoughts…
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The true harvest of my daily life, is somewhat intangable and indescribable as the tints of morning and evening, it is a little stardust caught, a segment of a rainbow that I have clutched.`

~Henry David Thoreau~

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Peace , love, light and blessings
Thank you Lesley for reminding me of this wonderful message today!
“White Eagle”


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Meditation first thing in the day is the greatest gift that I give to myself!

At this time of year when so much is happening, and everything is busy I have sure had difficulty finding the me time I need.

Now I know that the first hour of the day is mine, to meditate, be with me, love me and my world unconditionally through meditation! What a gift!

Peace, love, light, blessings and Happy Holidays to us all!

“White Eagle”

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