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It is the mothers,<br /><br />not the warriors,<br /><br />who create a people and guide their destiny.</p><br /><p>Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Lakota
It is the mothers, not the warriors, who create a people and guide their destiny.
Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Lakota
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Another year passes and so we give thanks to our creators, “our mothers”!

For if not for them we would not be here to enjoy this thing called life, so hats off to you.

Some of us are lucky to have more than one Mother in our life, adopted moms, stepmoms, mother in laws or some of us even get the bad ones but even they get thanks for giving life.

The bad ones are good teachers, because we say when we get older that I am not going to be like that.  But no matter what a mother is always behind her child , even if the child is wrong they can always count on Mommy to save the day or at least show up at court with you. (and I don’t care what my mom says on this one ,she showed up on a few for me , love you)

The best teacher we get for free is Mom with wisdom and understanding , they teach us about love, feelings and that its O.K.  to cry when your hurt or feel sad, and also our Moms show us courage to try new things growing up to let us get a understanding that it is O.K. to try new things.   So right on Mom’s and before I forget a big thank you to mother earth for giving a home to all of us and sorry for the way that we are treating you, so Happy Mothers Day to you, you big blue ball of love till next year have a great day
By: Wandering Eagle (Dean)

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