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The quality of everything we do: our physical actions, our verbal actions, and even our mental actions, depends on our motivation. That’s why it’s important for us to examine our motivation in our day to day life. If we cultivate respect for others and our motivation is sincere, if we develop a genuine concern for others’ well-being, then all our actions will be positive.

Dalai Lama

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Good morning readers! Today I decided to post an older writing as we work to populate this site. Whitebird and I have many writings we created over the years that we built our original site around and will continue to share through this site.
Some of our writings come from a different place but I’m not sure I’m the best to talk about this because I don’t understand it so well myself. But this writing below, is one of those and I’m happy to be sharing it. Please share your comments or thoughts.


The Sacred Balance within us is the breaths we take and how we choose to utilize our energy with our external existence. When our energy is not within proportion to the rest of our being, we are simply unbalanced.
It is becoming conscious with you, being true to our desires, how we spend our energy and what we see when we look forward that centers us to determine our true balance from within.

There are so many factors that we need to be conscious of that permits us from seeking the refuge of balance, such as, our environment, our ego, our pride, our thoughts, our esteem towards yourself and so on.
Our personal motivation to find our inner sacred balance is the key. The work is our own, as this is our life, our journey, our purpose. External influences are important for our conscious. These influences feed us as the journey is not a singular trek; we are a part of a community of friends, family, peers, etc. all vital as well as a beautiful accent to the walk.

Today’s world, we have taught ourselves the strides forward must be our own. And the motivation alone is ours. The lessons are ours alone to bring to the rest of our community. The work is ours to do, but we can never forget this walk is guided and most importantly, shared.
Our feelings of alone, anger, sadness, and of course not limited to our overall sense of displeasure, is the guidance towards experiential learning. To feel and understand pleasure is to understand the displeasures and discontentment of our journey of life.

Our journey; our life, is one of surviving through growth. As we live within an eco-system we must remember we are not simply in it, we are a vital part of it. And eco system is not singular; it is a mass group of life; of spirit.
As equally as we need to be conscious of our motivating factors of being, we also need to remember that it (life) continues and moves forward with or without us. That is the secret to community. Our energy can work with or against the survival of oneself and the community in which we share.

Our sacred balance is understanding and being conscious of our role. And as important as it is to harmonize with our sacred balance, it is equally important to be okay with our spirit when the balance is shifting. This balance is not static, it is not linear and it is not etched solid. It is meant to be fluid and move like a river or rotating wheel.
It is important to move with our environment as the environment is changing as well. Our role within this system is huge – but contrary, it is also minimal.
Being conscious of the sacred balance understands the picture that is painted within ourselves, within others and equally the external and internal environment in which we live. It is important to remember we don’t know everything; there is uncertainty if we will, but it is irrelevant. What we need to know, we venture towards or it is unfolded for us.

The sacred balance is gravitating in the unconscious conscious. We may delve in and we may withdraw. It’s all important, as our existence is reliant on the growth in between.

“Thank you for loving me and guiding me, and being with me. I love you too.” – Message to guide that came out in this writing.

Does it feel good to smile – you bet! Does it feel god to feel adverse feelings? – Absolutely!

Nothing is occurring shallowly. Our shallow being is simply our unconscious conscious. It’s unfolding; it’s purposeful; it’s necessary, and it’s relevant.

The unconscious conscious is key. Vital to the balance. It is the misunderstanding of the unknown.

“The website is just that. It’s the message and growth and healing that will come from it”

Healing, for instance is a misunderstood word. Reason is having unrealistic expectations of what it means to heal. The conflictions come from our expectations to live. Our spirit lives and always will – that’s the level of healing we really do.

As said before, we live to die. But we live to heal – spiritually – our soul heals and the souls of others heal from us; from our experiences. We share with the next generations the adverse experiences so each year our community strengthens. We do not heal to be immortal.
Our unconscious conscious is the sacred balance to our purpose. Listen consciously to what our unconscious reveals. The message is not cryptic, it’s obvious and alive, we just need to be conscious.

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