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Let go of things that can no longer be fixed. If you try to force them back together, things will only get worse. Holding on is being brave, but moving on is what makes us stronger.
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The paths we take are not always paved, clear or are they in  black and white.

They may seem very bumpy at times, we may not be sure of where we are going, how we are getting there, or who we may meet along the way.

These things are  not for us to know at times!

We may have to be lead down the not so smooth road, to learn what we need to learn in this life time, so we do not repeat the same learning in the next.

Once you acknowledge and learn from the experience, on the less traveled road, you will move on from that experience, as you grow and learn from it.

It is on Gods/Creators time.  All we can do is learn from it, and move on. It may mean:

  • Leaving friends and family behind.
  • Setting boundaries within and around us.
  • Leaving where we live, or
  • Journeying across the country.

all of these hold lessons for us to learn!

You may choose to ignore these lessons and keep doing what you are doing, but you will only continue to repeat the same patterns over and over again until you decide to listen, learn..and move on from it… knowing..it is an experience that you were meant to grow and learn from……~

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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