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My Attitude – My Life – My Rules

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There is no other Soul Flame taken from the Sacred Flame of life that shines like the one you hold… Somewhere along the way my girl, this truth faded from your heart, and moving into your mind you replaced this with feelings of doubt and uncertainty… But all is not lost… You have found your way home… and because of the gift of Love, there is always hope… of learning, knowing, and walking a life lived through the heart…
As you learn about yourself, be gentle, patient and compassionate… remember that for many winters you were taught to think, feel and believe a certain way… you have since found freedom, to be who you are, and now it is your time to soar… in moments when you are feeling guilt, doubt, or confusion about your chosen path, may you gently ask yourself, Does this honor who I am? In asking this simple question, you will be led by the spirit my girl… When life gets murky, the light of these words will help you find your way… and will breath into you a sense of peace and calmness that will guide you back into your heart…
As you learn about yourself, revel in knowing that you are a divine creation… a unique, necessary and cherished part of the web of life… as are your brothers, sisters and All Your Relations… In moving from the mind into the heart…. May you be grateful for the journey you were given and not compare yourself or yours to others… and look withIN instead of outwards, so you don’t miss out on lessons, teachings and blessings meant for you… May you always remember that each one of us is precious, unique and gifted, with our own lessons to learn and sacred purposes to fulfill… Trust in this, in who You are, where You are and You were brought here for a reason… Once you embrace this truth about yourself, you will embrace it in others… and Love with flow effortlessly….
May you remember that kindness will be key to your growth, and extend this same love to Every Living Being you encounter on your journey…. While we each have our own gifts and missions, we also have similar needs and challenges in life… e.g. to be and feel loved, to feel a sense of belonging, we all struggle with hurt, pain, and hardships… Loving unconditionally from the heart is a gift we were all given, an ability we all have withIN us, that allows us to release our judgments and fears of ourselves and others so we can love all beings for who they are… as they are, and build them up instead of trying to change them… As gentle souls we often want to help others but I have come to realize, we must first help and heal ourselves… so we can walk gently on the sacred path we were each destined to journey…
For these words I thank our Ancestors, my spirit guides, Elders, teachers, my nikawi and kokoms… Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) – Hiy Hiy (Redberry)

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Love is like a butterfly…If you’re in a hurry to catch it, You’ll never catch it.. But if you’re kind and patient it will come and land on you shoulder 🙂 ♥

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