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Today is one of those days when everything I have to do requires me to be super strong, disagree with others who are attempting to lead me in a direction that does not at all match with who I am!

I really dislike having these kind of days, so I have been keeping my thoughts positive, and the most positive thing that keeps coming forth to me is that I need to take care of me, stand up for the beliefs that are coming from my perception of the situations that I am involved with and create a positive reality for all of the community that is very important to me at this time in my life!

The old saying “When the going gets tough the tough get going”! really does apply to me today, and within me is the strength to stand up to what I need to in order to create a win/win situation for everyone who is involved.

Peace, love, light, luck and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Remember dear ones that our minds, bodies, emotions and spirit are energies that move back and forth through our universe, galaxies and beyond!   These aura’s, energies,  connect us to all that is, or in the words of our ancestors, we are all one, we are all related!  We are apart of the earth, sky, mountains, air that we breath, the water that sustains us,the plants, the animals and all of earths creations including our brothers and sisters throughout this wonderful planet .  We are apart of everything and everyone through our personal energies. When you view your life in this manner how does your perspective change.

  • When you leave you house what do you notice?
  • Do you notice the connection that you have to the ground, the trees, the earth, the grass upon which you walk, the rocks that you follow?
  • Are you aware of the energy that each object radiates, the animals, the sky, the rain, the snow, the water, the others humans that you encounter on your path through life.

Humans today understand that they are made up of water, nourishment, body parts, flesh and all of the accepted doctrine of today, but what is it that sustains the soul?  Energy!  This energy is 100% of all that it is that you are!  Every molecule, atom and part of your being creates an energy surge that goes out into your world and beyond and affects all that we all are, were, and will be through the looking glass of your personal perceptions.

Peace, love, light and blessings during these shifting and changing energies as you create the energies and world you wish to create for you and all we are apart of!

“White Eagle”

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A few years ago I was doing a lot of training programs within industry and with people from all walks of life.

I always enjoy working with people and meeting new people especially when I am immersed in facilitating training programs.  I have learned through many experiences to expect the unexpected when you least expect it, and this situation certainly fit into that category.

A young lady walked up to me and was quite excited about meeting me.  She stated that she had heard many good things about me, that I was very wise, and she knew that I had all of the answers that she was looking for her in life!

At that point I felt extremely uncomfortable and uneasy, so I began to look for the reasons that I would be experiencing these feelings.  When I am looking for information I always end up asking questions of myself, so I started my search through asking me questions!

  • Where would this person get this information from?
  • I’m wise, what have I done to make someone believe that I am wise?
  • I have all of the answers to questions that she needs answered to get her life together!  What could I possibly know about her life?
  • How could I possibly have the answers that she needs for her life?

Although I was asking these questions I was still becoming more and more uncomfortable with this whole situation and put it down to the appearance of low self worth and nervousness in this moment, but something was still not sitting right for me!

At this point I stopped, examined my thoughts, checked out my beliefs and did a quick run through on how each of my thoughts create a belief, and how those beliefs will create an experience and this is when I came up with the understanding of what I call today THE PEDESTAL SYNDROME!

This syndrome can be very easily explained through this example and these definitions.

The woman in this example placed me in the position where I had all of the answers that she needed to get her life together.  She was viewing me as the expert which can be considered a compliment in the highest regard, however, this compliment placed me in the position through her perception, of being on a pedestal.

The definition of pedestal really applies here:

  • Position of being exalted or admired a position which somebody admires another person so much that he r she thinks that person is perfect.  Encarta

Syndrome is:

  • Things that form a pattern a group of things or events that form a recognizable pattern especially of something that isundesirable. Encarta

This is when I quickly realized how my thoughts, beliefs and experiences have taught me that:

  • When someone places me on a pedestal it’s a long way to fall from the pedestal to the ground.
  • I will never have the answers from my perspective that another person may want to hear from their perspective.
  • What I know is no better that what another person knows!
  • These points keep me from falling or being pushed from the major heights of the imaginary pedestal that others place me on.
  • I look forward to stumbling and tripping over myself, my thoughts, beliefs and experiences rather than falling from the pedestal that some one else has created for me.
  • I am not perfect, but I am perfectly O.K. the way I am right now!
  • No one is perfect but they are perfectly O.K. the way they are right now!
  • I am me, a unique and gifted human being!

Every human being sees or observes their world through their own personal eyes, listens to or hears their world through their own person ears, and feels or senses their world through their personal knowledge, touch and intuition!

I therefore, can only assist people to find their own personal answers within them, and in this way I can stay away from Ego and Pedestal issues!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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