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Where is it that personal power comes from?

In the past 3 days we have had some major electrical difficulties happening in our little house on the prairie!

My first concern arrived when we lost our electrical power and could not watch the remaining half of a football game.  I checked around, checked the breakers and then miraculously out of nowhere the power returned.

How often does this happen to me personally I thought…..How often do I loose my personal power and then it miraculously returns out of what seems to be nowhere?

Then I began to realize how unimportant the television set was for just watching the football game, but how important it was to me to be able to see my own personal issues around power.

In the middle of the first night, the power went down again.  I was up at 3:00 a.m. wandering around in the total dark attempting to find out what time it was and remembered that we have a battery operated clock.  At this time I began to question how much of my life was dictated by the outside source of power, and how easy it was to forget that within me I had my own source of power through thought, observation and rational judgement, even at 3:00 a.m.

At 5:00 a.m. that morning, our carbon dioxide alarm started ringing, and fear set in.  Strange noise, an alarm ringing this early in the morning, so as myself and my partner wandered around looking for the source of the alarm in the dark with a flashlight, we realized that we still did not have electrical power, so we both started to use our personal power to determine what we needed to do.  Then there was a smell of smoke, next step to see if we had a fire anywhere within the house, so to shut down the beeping of the carbon monoxide monitor, which by this time we had determined was coming from the monitor, only because it was out of power too as the electrical circuit it was plugged into was not providing any power.  What to do next we asked?

Find someone who had a knowledge of electricity and electrical circuits.  At this time it was 6:00a.m., so it was time to get passed the fact that we would be waking someone up, but who could we ask?  What would they think about me asking for help at 6:00a.m.?  My lack of self worth came into play big time at this time!  Finally, I decided that I was important, I had chosen to keep me, my family, my pets alive and healthy, and not have to go through the trauma of having our house go up in smoke, so I dialed the number of our friend and my partner talked with him and we settled down to move onto the next step which was finding an electrician and calling the power company.

All of these things worked out well, the power company came to deal with all of the outside issues and the electrician came to deal with all of the inside issues……How like my life this whole situation was becoming, I am like the power company dealing with all of the outside issues in my life, but I am also so much like the electrician, dealing with my own personal circuits.  Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Sometimes we certainly do need help to sort of of these things and need to ask for assistance.

Everything quieted down, the outside wires that were burned were replaced, the inside circuits were realigned and we were ready for peaceful nights sleep.  Well, that was not to be…..Power brown outs started happening again, circuits started shutting down, plug ins were not working, and here it was once again 5:00 a.m……Another night of going through the same routine, calling the outside in, finding the inside out, finding those who knew what was going on, listening to them and realizing that this was mostly an outside problem, so the Electric Company decided to send out a boom truck to deal with this situation, and shortly the heavy artillery showed up (Boom Truck) and all of our outside power lines had to be replaced.

I then began to realize how often I personally need to bring in my outside, or my own personal boom truck to change all of my power lines!  Wow, what a strange analogy this was becoming for me!

The next thing was attempting to find the electrician to come in a streamline all of the work which was done on the outside, by altering and adjusting the inside work!  The electrician did not show up, so I was left to my own personal understandings and belief systems knowing that this did not need to be done all at once, that they would arrive, and all would be adjusted and working in harmony once again!

As I sit here today waiting for the electrician to come in and work from the inside/ out, I realize how important my life, my systems, understandings, abilities and beliefs are for me to have a strong self worth and the empowerment to ask for help when I need it.  These two things are the strengths that I require to live my life and stay alive during the most difficult times in my life.

Thanks to the outside and inside power specialist who is me, knowing that I have the skills and self worth to keep my power flowing smoothly in my life.  We are our own personal inner and outer power poles, all we need to do is have the confidence and self worth to reach out and ask for the help that we need when we need it!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Life is responding to you. Life is communicating with you. Everything you see-every sign, color, person, object-everything you hear, every circumstance and event, are on your frequency.

When you are feeling happy, and you keep feeling happy , then only happy people, circumstances and events can come into your life.

Think of something you love , and make it your symbol of the force of love.Whenever you see your symbol or hear it, you will know that the force of love is with you.

Place the force of love ahead of you in everything you do. Imagine each thing in your day going well, and feel love inside yourself as much as you can, before you do anything.

The force of love has no opposite. There is no other power in life but love. All the negative things you see in the world are always, always a lack of love.

”The power for happiness, for good, for everything we need of life is within each one of us. The power is there-unlimited power.”

Robert Collier.

Shared by “White Eagle”

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The circumstances of our lives have as much power as we choose to give them!

~David McNally

Submitted by”Michael”

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I have lived in many different places doing work that I believed needed to be done with many people!

I worked throughout  Canada, into the Yukon and the Northwest Territories with people to assist them with their own personal empowerment and growth.

To each of the unique human beings I have encountered on my journey through life, I want you to know that I am stronger, healthier, happier and wiser because of you being in my life.   Through our encounters I have learned more about myself, my personal growth and empowerment and I have become the unique human being that I am today.   My journey was not just about helping others, it was about helping me!

I am eternally grateful for each of you entering into my life so that I could learn what I needed to learn about me from you!

The Channel says:

In simplicity dear ones, we grow one another!  All animate, inanimate objects, the moon, the sun, the stars, other galaxies, everything from here to eternity and return are in fact a part of the life lessons that we learn and move forward through in our lives.  At this time it is  important for us all to understand how we are all related, how we are all connected.

These connections are not just through being in the same area with one another physically.  Connections are made mentally (through our thoughts which create our beliefs, and our beliefs which create our physical experiences that in turn elicit the feelings and emotions that will then become an intrinsic part of who we are which is our spiritual being on earth plane.

This dear ones is the process of living, learning and our connectedness to all this is knowing that we are all one, we are all related.

Peace. love, lights and blessings to us all as we create a shared reality for us all on earth plane!

“White Eagle”

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