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I am a teacher. I have been teaching since I was nine years old. When I was seven, in the first grade, my first ever report card read 100%, A+. My mom was proud. I was doomed. For the rest of my life, this was the standard set for me to improve on. This was the first stepping stone in my life journey. Nothing would be the same from that point on. This is what defined me.

In the second grade I got a 98%. For most people…that would have been a good grade…for me, I got comments like: “You did better last year…what did you get wrong?…you didn’t apply yourself…were you feeling sick that day?” For an eight year old, that was a lot of pressure. My mom and my teachers decided to get my eyes tested. This followed with new glasses, the thick black rimmed ones, you know…the ones geeks wear. I would now have to be seated in the very front row so I could see better.

In grade three, my first term report card was back on track…100%. I was now back to being popular. I had friends now. Friends that needed me to succeed. We had a telephone back then, the black ones on a party line. Before, we would maybe get one phone call a week. Now, I was getting three or four calls a night from my friends needing help with their homework. My mom was starting to get annoyed being my secretary. This is where I knew I had become a teacher. I couldn’t refuse to help anyone in need of my help. I just couldn’t understand why anyone had trouble doing this stuff. I was so easy for me. So I taught them how to do math, reading and writing over the phone. Sometimes it took me two hours of explaining. I was also helping my brothers and sisters with their homework. Teaching something that I took for granted as being easy and then having to explain it to someone else was not easy.

Not at first. But then again, I was only nine years old.



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