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When I have the opportunity to choose a positive thought or a negative thought, I tend to go with the negative and then work myself towards the positive!

Many times I have pondered the reason for doing this.

Now, I have found the reason for it, it is really quite profound for me!

When I choose to buy into the negative to begin with I tend to let myself, other people, the world and all of creation off the hook for the failure of whatever it is that I believe is right or positive to begin with!

This leads me to disappointment with myself and in my world this is something I do well because of all of the brain training (negative learning) that has been in my life!

If I say I can’t do it, or come up with a negative, my rebellious nature will then come to the surface and it becomes a challenge for me to turn it positive and into what it is supposed to be.

As long as I remain consciously aware of this process that I put myself through, everything in my life becomes positive, it just takes a little bit longer to get there!  It is the same with my world, our world as I create it through my positive thought processes…..

Do you go to the negative first, before you get to the postive?

Enjoy the discovery!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Are all of the flowers in a field the same?
What makes one flower perfect and another imperfect?

Are all human beings the same?
What makes one human being perfect and another imperfect?

Those who strive to be perfect are imperfect.
To find balance or the neutral zone, remember
That if you want to be perfect, you must believe
Yourself to be imperfect! This is a challenge
For all humans on earth today.

Understand that
Nothing in your world is perfect!

Perfection is your perception!
It is a process of fulfillment and becoming whole.

Embrace you, your perfections and imperfections as you journey forward through this lifetime knowing that you are a human being who is learning, doing and being all that you are!

Peace, love and light be with you on this exciting journey into your true existence.
White Eagle

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Meditation is the emptying or concentration of the mind through contemplation or relaxation.

Meditation is a personal celebration of the wonder of the universe–and the cultivation of our capacities for awe and amazement at “all that is”.  It involves the unity of self and all beings, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually in the humble recognition of oneself as one small but valuable part of the total.  It is the whole involvement of you, being captivated and excited by the marvel of it all.

To see meditation this way is to recognize other human beings, the earth and the entire universe as sacred and valued.

It means that every single person, entity, and animate object on the planet is to be treated as valuable, deserving of love, respected, and honored as being unique.

The souls journey begins by first loving, respecting and honoring ourselves as the unique being we are knowing that we are not perfect, thus allowing ourselves to grow and change.

Meditation is a unique process for every unique human being.  In order to honor your own personal journey through life you may want to use the following two suggestions to begin your journey to experience the wisdom and wonder of you.  Centering and progressive relaxation can guide you to the peace, love and beauty of the silent mind which is unique to you.

These two processes can be used to ready you for positive affirmations, giving thanks for all that you have, prayers, manifestation of change and movement in your life or whatever you choose for you.

Enjoy your journey.

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