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The essential surrender happens within you,
it has nothing to do with anybody outside you.
The basic surrender is a relaxation, a trust —
so don’t be misguided by the word. Linguistically,
Surrender means to surrender to somebody, but religiously, surrender simply means trust, relaxing. It is an attitude rather than an act: you live through trust.— Osho ♥
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“Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are.”!

Chinese Proverb

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In the midst of everything that is going on in my life, I am focusing on taking the time that I need for myself to stay grounded and calm!

I am grateful for the knowledge I have, for the many people who are here for my support and for all of the gifts that are unique to me!

Thank you Creator!

We are all one, we are all related!
Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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What to do

  • Take a walk, notice something and decide how you would describe it. Do this for 10 + Minutes  the expected result is one of Calming and Increased Inner Energy
  • Concentrate all of your attention on a single object for a period of 2 minutes, move to another object for 2 minutes…… do this for 6 + Minutes and you will be more focused and relaxed
  • Deliberately smile until you feel happy. spend 2 + Minutes smiling and you will find an inner  sense of well being
  • Climb one or more flights of stairs or go for a walk, before each step whisper something you are grateful for. Spend 30 + Minutes and enjoy the sense of gratefulness that bursts forth for you.
  • Deliberately do a good deed for someone without being found out. Take 30 + Minutes and revel in the increased sense of self respect.

“Developed by Avatar”

“White Eagle”

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Sit down comfortably. Notice how you are feeling, and now relax your entire body. When you have relaxed your whole body, then relax it some more.

Now relax it some more. And relax it more! Repeat often, each time relaxing as much as you can.

When you have finished, notice the difference in how you are feeling, compared to with how you felt when you began.

Now you are more in harmony with the Universe.

Speaks With Wings

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Have you ever noticed that when you have nothing to do and are finally getting into a totally relaxed and easy day, all of a sudden all hell breaks loose and your restful day becomes one of busyness, business and chaos!

I guess I need to re evaluate my thoughts and beliefs around being relaxed. lol

Peace, love, light, blessings to be  included in the creation of a laid back and quiet day tomorrow !

“White Eagle”

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Sitting in the sun,
Dogs with me sharing,
Solitude and peace.
Breeze gently blowing,
Childrens’ voices in the distance,
A vehicle barely heard.
Time to think,
But I don’t.
Just sit and observe,
Soak in the warmth.
Leaves begin to emerge,
Grass turning green,
Birds busy gathering,
Nests to be made.
Soon time for planting,
But not today.
Today, I’m just,
Sitting in the sun.

“Raven Wing”

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Today is a great day to do nothing.

Doing nothing is the most valuable something that I can do for myself today. Love it!

Peace, love, light and blessings!


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Close your eyes:

Imagine the wall in front of you, the wall behind you

Bring yourself back to your center (Whatever that means to you)

Imagine the wall on the left, the wall on the right

Now Bring yourself back to center.

Imagine the floor beneath you, the ceiling above you.

Bring yourself back to your center!

Now do a progressive relaxation meditation to relieve all stress, all tension, and instill confidence, calmness and total relaxation.

Close your eyes and let your eyelids go loose, limp and totally calm.

Take that calmness and move it down through your cheeks, your nose, and into your mouth.

Notice how your tongue is resting on the roof of your mouth, and let that relaxed and calm feeling move down through your chin, your neck and down to your shoulders.

From your shoulders move the relaxed and calm feeling through your upper arms, your elbows and down into your forearms and your hands.

Notice that your hands are loose, limp and totally calm, let all tension and stress move out through your fingertips, moving out of your body, freely and easily.

Take that calm, relaxed feeling and move it into your chest, and into your diaphragm which controls your breathing.

Notice how your breathing is easy, and clear.

Breath in calmness, relaxation, and healing……..Breathe out all tension, and dis…..ease that exists in your body,………..

Breathing in healing and health, breathing out tension and stress, Breathing in calmness and relaxation, Breathing out all tension and stress………………..

Breathe in and breathe out moving that calm, relaxed feeling through your stomach, your pelvis, and down to your thighs, from your thighs to your knees, from your knees to the calves of your legs, from your legs to the tops of your feet, from the tops of your feet down to your toes.

Notice how all tension, stress and uncertainty leave your body through your feet and enter into the floor, all tension and stress gone as you move that calm relaxed feeling from your feet to the back of your legs, your thighs and through your buttock.

Now imagine a magic set of fingers gently massaging all tension and stress from your back as you allow the fingers to move vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra up to your shoulder blades, notice how the magic fingers massage, and gently move all tension, stress and uptightness out of your body, massaging and moving, massaging and moving, and now gently massaging your neck, moving vertebra, by vertebra right to the base of your skull, and then let the magic fingers gently move over your head, massaging in clarity, confidence and relaxation as they dance across your head, into your forehead and back to your eyes, now opening your eyes, feeling, calm, relaxed and confident to move through the rest of the day, free of tension, gaining clarity, health and wellness with each step forward during your day.

A Positive Affirmation:

I know that I am loved, safe and protected as I journey through life.  I have comfort and joy in my life.  I embrace success and I am open and ready to manifest this now as I move forward cherishing each moment in the eternal now.

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Meditation is the emptying or concentration of the mind through contemplation or relaxation.

Meditation is a personal celebration of the wonder of the universe–and the cultivation of our capacities for awe and amazement at “all that is”.  It involves the unity of self and all beings, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually in the humble recognition of oneself as one small but valuable part of the total.  It is the whole involvement of you, being captivated and excited by the marvel of it all.

To see meditation this way is to recognize other human beings, the earth and the entire universe as sacred and valued.

It means that every single person, entity, and animate object on the planet is to be treated as valuable, deserving of love, respected, and honored as being unique.

The souls journey begins by first loving, respecting and honoring ourselves as the unique being we are knowing that we are not perfect, thus allowing ourselves to grow and change.

Meditation is a unique process for every unique human being.  In order to honor your own personal journey through life you may want to use the following two suggestions to begin your journey to experience the wisdom and wonder of you.  Centering and progressive relaxation can guide you to the peace, love and beauty of the silent mind which is unique to you.

These two processes can be used to ready you for positive affirmations, giving thanks for all that you have, prayers, manifestation of change and movement in your life or whatever you choose for you.

Enjoy your journey.

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