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It is an amazing time of cleansing, healing and New Beginnings. All around me I see my friends and myself releasing and letting go of old patterns, beliefs and baggage and stepping UP into WHO WE REALLY ARE. As we near the end of 2012, a time like no other in human history, more than ever we are being called to let go of the past, embrace the future and BE HERE NOW. We are on the cusp of a totally NEW and BRIGHT World. Let Go. Release. Allow. And Dive on IN!

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I release anything that keeps me from my Soul’s purpose!
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I release all feelings of worry and guilt!

Throughout life, the two most futile emotions are guilt for what has been done and worry about what might be done. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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The key to release, rest, and inner freedom is not the elimination of all external difficulties. It is letting go of our pattern of reactions to those difficulties.
~Hugh Prather~
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When I worry,  I tend to get tied down within my self made indoctrinated beliefs and have to exist without my FREEDOM to be!

In examining the word freedom, I found some of the reasons that freedom moves out of reach for me.

Freedom is many things, and much of my time has been spent attempting to determine what it is to me personally, when I didn’t get it, it became a worry for me!

The Encarta provided me with the following information!

  • ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions
  • release from captivity or slavery: release or rescue from being physically bound, or from being confined, enslaved, captured, or imprisoned
  • country’s right to self-rule: a country’s right to rule itself, without interference from, or domination by, another country or power
  • right to act or speak freely: the right to speak or act without restriction, interference, or fear
  • absence of something unpleasant: the state of being unaffected by, or not subject to, something unpleasant or unwanted
  • ease of movement: the ability to move easily without being limited by something such as tight clothing or lack of space
  • right to occupy place: the right to use or occupy a place and treat it as your own
  • frankness: openness and friendliness in speech or behavior

To clarify this definition I refer now to what my Channel has to say:

Every Human being today wants to be free. Freedom is a state of being and when the Human Being is integrated the mind will recognize that we are all free. Every person journeying through life has this one common goal.

The unfortunate occurrence which exists today is that the outside social conditioning has become restrictive in allowing us the freedom to be who it is that we are, and has unknowingly removed our rights as a human being free to express ourselves outside of the rules which govern us through social conditioning.

This creates worry! In relationships, there are accepted rules, in the work we do, with our families, with our leisure activities and mostly the human being places restrictions on themselves in the name of being accepted and acceptable from the outside.

Inside of every human being today exists a freedom that most human beings do not recognize because of the constraints, which they place upon themselves. They become locked up so to speak and governed by sets of rules, expectations, regulations, fears, indoctrination and outside forces, which blind them to their own personal abilities and needs.

This freedom, which exists, comes from inside of oneself and the ability of our brain to register this freedom has been temporarily shut down. Every Human Being will find this freedom within themselves provided that they have an understanding of what this word means to them, and start on the process of understanding when it is your brain that is telling you through the outside social conditioning that your true freedom is being shut down.

Every human being who is integrated will have an understanding of freedom, which is unique to only themselves!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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A gathering of souls
Appearing from diverse journeys and learnings
Each infused with memory cells of the wisdom that is the creator
Individually carry a diametric piece to the ultimate puzzle
The intrinsic worth of the human spirit rouses and cajoles them
To relay words, thoughts and feelings of inspiration and
That is timeless and multi dimensional
None stand in complete perfection but are perfection in their intent
To deliver an annotation to their brothers and sisters
That promotes hope and awakenings
To revive the human spirit and allow us all to soar once again
To let go of the suffocating technology and arrogance
To release the suffering and poor self image
And honour the glory of who we are
In order to celebrate the gratification of simply

Written by Rain before she passed. Peace, love, light and blessings as you travel forward my friend!

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