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Be for the benefit of others
Peace, love, light and blessings
Shared by “White Eagle”

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What are you fighting in your life?

Fighting anything causes resistance…making life a struggle, it doesn’t need to be that way, we fight out of fear..if we want a win, win situation, no matter if it is good health, mentally stable, spiritually connected & so forth…we need to realize the first step to making a positive change is acceptance, then anything that we consider to be a problem that has manifested out of fear can be healed & dissolved by sending it Love….There is only one Power, the Power of Love..which lies within you…
So no matter what problem may rise in your life remembering fighting it is based on fear of not knowing how to fix it..so release that feeling & idea…move forward & believe ALL can be healed in the name of Love which comes from Our Creator of all that is Living!

Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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What do you need to fight for in your life?

Today I became aware of all that I have set myself up for in the name of fighting for my rights, the rights of others, fighting for what I believe in, fighting being sick, fighting to be well and the list of fighting issues can go on to infinity!

Is it any wonder we all become stressed out when we are setting ourselves up for resistance rather than acceptance of what we believe in.   Acceptance of our rights, acceptance of others rights and beliefs, and acceptance of dis ease does not require fighting, rather it requires acceptance and choice.

Peace, love, light, blessings as we turn off the power of resistance and turn on the light of acceptance within us all in this moment.

PS…Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being is equipped with the fight/flight responses that are inherent in us all and offer us protection through the knowing that we are capable of lifting cars off of loved ones in accidents and many other miraculous feats…..Do we need to set up fights, No! Accept our uniqueness, natural responses  and abilities Yes!

“White Eagle”

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