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For many years of my life I worked as a Human Resource Consultant and one training program  I was always asked to deliver was time management!

Everytime one of these programs would come about I would cringe and want to slink away and hide. I really disliked time management and before each program or workshop I did I would ask myself the same question!

“How can anyone manage time”?

There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 5 working days, 2 days of holidays and I was supposed to teach people how to manage that! No way!

Then to add onto the hours and the days there was:

  • Me time
  • Work time
  • Family time
  • Friend time
  • Recreation time
  • Relaxation time
  • Play time
  • School time
  • Spiritual time
  • Clearing time
  • Quiet time
  • Sleep time

Amazing how I was now managing to even think of all of the time that I had to manage as I went through my life totally organized…….. totally unbalanced and missing all that life had to offer to me under the guise of time management!  One day after I put together a time management program and was getting ready to present this program to a group of employees, it all hit home for me!  I had forgotten all of the handouts, my course outline was firmly attached to me, however, without the handouts the clients were certainly not going to understand a lot of the theory behind time management, but what could I do?  The only thing I knew how to do in this kind of situation was fly the the seat of my pants, give the clients what they came for a course in Time Management!  In flying by the seat of my pants I began by explaining exactly what had happened, threw my course outline on the floor and explained how many of us manage by the seat of our pants and this became a course for them to determine what in their lives needed to be managed through time management and what needed to happen spontaneously, in the moment.

This program became the base for something new and wonderful for me!  It became a model program for living in the moment, recognizing the uniqueness of me, and really enjoying the laughter created when observing what happens when I have it all planned out, the expectations charted and I forget it all.  I confirmed for me that I need to get on to living in the moment and enjoying life while learning life’s lessons!

When I am living in the moment there is not one moment that cannot be managed.  It is just that simple!  The next realization became the second part of the program and it is entitled……”Even flying by the seat of your pants sometimes needs a routine” or do you have to fly by the seat of your pants when you have a routine too”!

That’s my training program and I have been sticking to it for many years now!

Peace, love, light and blessings while we manage it all with ease!

“White Eagle”

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Frustration! Too much is happening:

  • Personally with me
  • With my family
  • My Friends
  • My community
  • My work
  • My pets
  • The weather
  • The world
  • The climate

Then I watch TV, listen to the news, weather, sports, answer telephone calls and questions, check out the computer, face book, email……..and then I question why I am frustrated!  Today, I will turn off the radio, TV, and only do the things I choose to do because I want to do them in the moment, not because I have made them into a routine and habit!

Peace, love, light, blessings and solitude today!

“White Eagle”

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