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“The badness of life is transformed by the beauty radiating from your being.
The madness in the world only changes when you become magnificent.
The sadness of reality only stops when you start laughing in celebration.
The gladness in our hearts expands by feeling gratitude for everything.”
– Dr Jeff Mullan

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Yes it does...
Joy of Mom

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MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT:<br /><br />Life has knocked me down a few times.  It showed me things I never wanted to see.  I've experienced sadness and failures...But one thing for sure...I always get up!<br /><br />Photo: Copyright © 2013 The Horse Mafia.<br /><br />Photo and artwork in its entirety: Copyright © 2013 The Horse Mafia.
Life has knocked me down a few times. It showed me things I never wanted to see. I’ve experienced sadness and failures…But one thing for sure…I always get up!
Photo: Copyright © 2013 The Horse Mafia.
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@[202774589769512:274:I keep it real & thats a promise, iMay be an asshole but at least Im honest]
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~Please don’t be sad…..Please don’t cry any longer…..Your tears falling down your cheeks, so soft and gentle.. dont blame yourself any longer, you couldn’t save him…. it’s not your fault!!!…You have been running through this forest long enough, it is time to come out to the edge of the forest hold your head high…and know in your heart of hearts.. you did what you could do!!

They were not to be saved, you have to remember you can’t save everyone.. you need to take care of yourself now.. now is the time to come out to edge and walk brightly into the sunlight.. letting my light form a tube engulfing all of you in it…he was in a terribkle terrible dark place, and there was no coming back for him. He is doing so much better now!!  He is working through all of the things that were caging him on the arth plane. he sees his wrongs, he sees what he did and how he hurt you, but he to wants you to know, you couldn’t save him, draw open your cutains this day..and let the sun shine in….
~Our God, Heavenly Father, Our Creator~

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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Farewell to my little friend who I gave no name, for she was a fish!

I  came home this morning from a night of work to find that my fish had moved on from this world some time in the night!

I find myself feeling sad, for just a fish,  she was a fighter!

From the day I found two of them left behind to starve in a apartment,  I couldn’t just leave them, and they became my friends.  One passed on two years ago now, however,  the last one. I seemed to have  given her a new lease on life!  She traveled to a few new spots with me and my small family.   At times we would play and that made her more special to me!

I find it kind of funny that I shed a tear for this little fish and at times I can’t find tears for others, but thats another story!

I only want to say to my fish, may your stream be wide and clear, enjoy the friends that have been waiting for you, and thank you for being that glow that made me feel like a good human.

I can’t believe how sad I feel and I know  I will see you again and when that happens that little glow in my heart will return to me.

Farewell my fish!

By: Wandering Eagle (Dean)

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There are definitely times in life where there seems to be no answers to questions that arise! One of the greatest challenges for me today is dealing with the large number of young adults and youth that seem to be vanishing into thin air!

  • Where are they?
  • What are they doing?
  • What have they done?
  • Who are they with?
  • Are they still on earth plane?
  • Are they by themselves?
  • Did someone abduct them?
  • Are they still alive or have they passed on?
  • What can I do to help them in life or in spirit?
I feel very fortunate to have a number of very gifted human beings in my circle of being and each time I hear of another missing person, I seem to automatically be locked in with those who are gifted as well as all of those who have gone before me who are me.
What this helps me to understand is that many of these young people have dropped out of this society of ours for many different reasons.
One thing that seems to come forth from many of them in spirit is an intense feeling of sadness, however, what comes along with that sadness for them is unknown to many of us today.
For all of us who are reading this, it sure is important now to reach out and touch the hands of many of our young people who are around us today to help them to cope with the sadness, guilt and hurt they carry here on earth plane.
I know that my way of dealing with each of them is by treating them as the unique individuals that they are, without judgment, prejudice and definitely allowing them to be real and own who they are and what they are going through Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually today.
In this small way, I hope that this acceptance will help them to find their way in this world, and I know if they are being abducted that anyone who is doing this will also be able to open up to those of us on earth plane that are able to listen to help them find their way in this world without harming themselves and others!
Peace, love, light and gratitude to all who hold out their hands without judgment today!  To those who are lost and hurt, may you find the hand that you need to bring you back to those who care and are here for you!
“White Eagle”

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Let my soul smile through my heart and let my heart smile through my eyes , that I may scatter Thy rich smiles in sad hearts . Parmahansa Yogananda

Submitted by “Donna”

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I stand before you my creator with sad eyes and a broken heart,  for I have failed to bring peace, love and harmony to the world.

I failed in my quest and for that I am truly sorry!

I have walked the road that leads no where and now I see why you made me one of your children.  For to bring love and peace to one is still hope for all and for mother earth, for she is one and she is all of us, because if not for a mother we would not be.

Creator I have never walked too far from your sight for I never left your side.   My spirit is heavy!

I long for home, to be free from the chains that hold all of us down and to be able to hold my head up high and say thank you for making me an Indian.

My name is Wandering Eagle,  others call me Dean.

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