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Why you ask, is it so hard to “truly” see me
The answer, my Friend, is this…

I am but a tortoise, taking only a peek
Soon my head will disappear, not letting others see

My shell is my protection, for my uniqueness
I choose to keep hidden

I feel I’m slow and steady and by doing so
I hope to grow immensely

When I’m ready, I will come out of hiding
I will show the world me, my face & who I’ve come to be

Why you ask, is it so hard to “truly” see me
The answer, my Friend, is this…

I’m safe in my cocoon, slowly transforming
Soon to be inblanketed in a rainbow of beautiful color

When I’m ready, I will make my way out
Spread my wings & share with the world
My story of how I became me

Why you ask, is it so hard to “truly” see me
The answer, my Friend, is this…

I am Wolf, quiet & full of strength and honor
When need be I choose to be the Voice,
The protector of others

For I am Pathfinder, the Truth Speaker
This is what I’ve hidden for so long

So you see, my Friend, this is why you “truly” couldn’t see me

Your question has been answered
Now I have set myself completely free

Many Blessings,
Darlene (Pathfinder)

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It certainly is amazing how intuition works?

We are all intuitive on some level and for me it is really important to recognize where thought begins after intuition kicks in!

Yesterday was an example of intuition in action.  I was thinking about a friend all day,  my thoughts were unsettled.  As worry and concern began I knew I needed to contact her. I found out she was travelling,  and my intuition kicked in.  Protection and blessings for safe travel instantly and intuitively appeared!

Checking facebook later she was in an accident because of the roads but she is fine!

Peace, love. light, blessings and gratitude for the angels who travel with us guiding us to our angelic intuition on earth plane!

“White Eagle”

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Every living being understands fear from the base of protection; it is the means in which we protect ourselves!

This feeling (fear) triggers the need for us to move to the inside of ourselves and let us do what it is that comes naturally to us.

When we do not move to the inside of our being and experience fear the problems become massive and the world and the humans react only to that which is outside of themselves. The result can be disaster, war, devastation, loneliness, rejection and the experience of living your life in a manner which is not conducive to your growth as a human being.

Fear is a feeling registered in your brain, moves to the mind in it’s innocence will move you to your inner sense of being to provide you with safety that is unique to you. If you first go to your intuitive sense, the inner self will provide your mind, body, brain with the focus needed for safety. When you move to the mind where there is the natural ability to understand fear through the flight and fight responses which exist within each precious human your mind will lead you to the safety of the inner sense of being and all can be handled from within.

Your brain may run interference and stop the process, and stop you from knowing what you know and doing what you do.

Awareness of your personal flow of consciousness and the ability to deal with fear from the inside is the safety that all living creatures require to keep you safe, alive, and being.

Fear which is registered only in the brain, holds you in fear, fear in the body holds you in fear in the body, the inner sense provides intuitive knowing coming from the to mind which provides you with fight, flight responses and your inner being leads to those who have gone before you who are you which assists you and keeps you safe within you.

“Channeled by White Eagle”

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