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Good Night

It was a great day, a lot to do, and a lot was learned by doing!


I will sleep well knowing that I have learned a lot, and I had some interesting lessons come forward to me.  

I can accept and love myself  just the way I am in this moment.

I  know my dreams will be wonderfully clear, meaningful  and revitalizing!

Good Night!

How clear will your dreams be for you tonight?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Good Morning

Today is a day of  self work and understanding.  Many times in life I tend to be overly critical of myself, the work I do, and the way I walk through life.

The old saying “You are your own worst enemy” can really apply in my life!


I will be less self critical, and as I am less critical of myself it will be easy to not criticize others who are in my life.  

I will become aware of my quiet voice of criticism that thinks the thoughts and doesn’t verbalize them.  

As I become aware, my criticism will change to acceptance!

Good Morning

Are you your own worst enemy through thought?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Loving myself,  today on Valentines Day,  is one of the most important things I will do!

Acceptance of the fact that I am not perfect, that I will never be perfect in anyone else’s eyes, or my own and also accepting the fact that my imperfections allow me to be the real person that I am in this moment is self admission which is self love.

It is this real person, the real me, that I can honestly love in this moment  of my life, and if in the next moment I do not feel that love, it is OK to acknowledge that and  the acknowledgement and willingness to accept what I do not love in that moment, is also self love that allows me to love me in the next moment if I choose to!

Peace, love, light and blessings, from moment to moment …..

Do you accept you and love you in this moment?

Always remember that “Acceptance of  you good or bad, right or wrong is self love”!

“White Eagle”

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“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

Thich Nhat Hahn

Shared by: SHE

Survivor Healing and Empowerment

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For many years my greatest fear was how I would react to other people and how they would react towards me.  Would I be accepted by them, or would they be critical of me!

Once I learned that I can only criticize others based on what I know about myself, the only person  that I need to be concerned about is me and what I think of me.

This certainly makes my life less fearful!

I like me and accept me just as I am!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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~ I am who I am, for better or for worse, what you see is what you get, accept me for me, or don’t waste my time! ~


Who are you, what do you see when you see you and what do you need to accept about you for you?  Life is all about how you see yourself and accept you!  What others do is their choice!  Thanks for the reminder Rachel!

Peace, love, light, and acceptance!

White Eagle”


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Judging others, is judging self
For we are the mirror image of one another
We can see the reflection of ourself in someone else
Whether we realize it or not we are all connected
The Creator made us to be as One
Judging others is only allowing “ego” to take over, holding us back
Instead of analyzing another, have acceptance of self first
then you will come to the realization that another is exactly where they need to be at this time, send them love, understanding & pray
for their growth, if we want Our World to be safe, loving & free
we need to release judgement & expectations we have of one another for sometimes we think others should meet our standards
We all grow at different rates, this was Our Creators plan all along
so we can help one another, so sometimes we are the student, next time we are the teacher, we are all equal in the eyes of Our Creator..So, let’s walk together with a open heart & set judgement aside..ALL together we can walk this path of life, shining our lights for each other to see more clearly the road ahead, or lend a hand when someone falls to help them back up so we can be on our way
We can be the Voice to give encouragement when someones too tired to continue on..for together is the Way to be the change
To make Our world be as it was long ago..Peaceful, Loving & Full of Breathtaking Light! Stand with me & ALL together we can all become Our True Authentic Selves!

Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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YOU are Loved.. and YOU already Measure up..

It is easy to forget about the incredible power that lies withIN You..it is one that can conquer anything and everything life sends you way because it is Divine.  The ultimate power, the utlimate love and peace. It is found withIN you. You don’t have to “try to measure up”, you already do!

You are loved unconditionally and need not seek IT, approval, acceptance or a sense of worth from the physical world.  You can spend your time on the earth plane, chasing theses GIFTS but know that you will always come back to YOU.

Do not be deceived, the physical world cannot give you what you need to complete your spiritual journey… Because of its limitations, it will lead you to believe you “are not good enough”…”You never quite measure up”… Always remember that this theory is flawed!… You don’t have to “try to measure up”, you already do.

Whenever you need, Look withIN, look for the power responsible for your creation..Revel in this love..In the physical world, look into the skies and at the stars for security…Revel in its beauty… And know that your Ancestors, your grandmothers are EVER SO present in these miracles, just as they are in your life and along your journey.

Look to the skies as they are a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Pray to the the Eagle and know that this spirit, this strength is a divine messenger and never leaves your side…

Smudge with sage to cleanse your mind and protect your heart…May you be blessed with sweetgrass to carry your prayers and messages to the Creator, Great Spirit and the Ancestors..

These gifts are sacred and one of many ways, for all relations to connect with their Creator…Give thanks..show gratitude…and live in love…We are all one… in spirit, in family. And always remember you don’t have to ‘try to measure up’. You already do.

All My Relations- Hai Hai

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Where would I be in my life if I did not have the ability to empty my mind everyday and leave behind all of those things that do not need to be there?

My still and quiet mind is a true joy for me!

During these busy and changing times, I now know how to find solace within me.

Meditation, acceptance of all that is and most importantly acceptance of me, right here, right now in this moment takes me to my quiet place.

Thank you creator for the assistance that is provided to me in being the clear and free human being I am!

Peace, love, light, clarity and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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Acceptance does not come from our mind (your brain) as we been taught…for the mind is only a tool. Acceptance comes from the soul. To fully accept self which is a challenge of mine & I’m sure for many others as well, it is to dig deep & feel what is truly holding you back from appreciation of one’s self. Opening up to your soul is like turning the key of a attic door that has been locked up for a century. Without opening it up you may never know the treasures that you might encounter. By taking the plunge into the unknown, it can feel frightening but yet so very exciting & rewarding at the sametime. Facing our fears can be quite the challenge but this is what gets us closer to understanding ourselves & others, coming to terms with our true purpose for being here. I find many of us choose to self-sabotage ourselves first off because we are so fearful of others judging us first, so we slip into the habit of self-doubting ourselves. So we allow ourselves to feel failure before anyone has had a chance to know us or why we are in their lives. So then we feel no appreciation of our own uniqueness & gifts that we hold. If we’d only realize we don’t only hurt ourselves by holding back, we affect others that could be benefiting from our uniqueness! Once again self-sabatoging comes from the mind..we need to realize it is a tool, not meant to be our controller.
To truly have balance in our lives we need to follow our inner wisdom “Our Soul”, which then lets us feel emotions, that triggers our minds which then leads us to our physical being. For we have layers that continuously need nurturing & time. If we look around us, we see how so many have forgotten about balance. Us human beings we are so busy striving for sucess outside of ourselves & our inner starts to suffer, than we wonder why our world in front of us crumbles. Our inner world needs the work done first so we can have that peacefulness, that we all so do desire whether we all realize it or not.
How can we learn to accept things as they are if we can’t accept ourselves? For the change needs to come to from within us first, so we can continue healing “Our World” together as ONE!!
So, today I take a stand & accept who I am by letting go of fear of what others might think of me..I set myself FREE..I truly am a unique, loving individual that is a spirit having a human experience here to grow & process life as it comes. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a reflexologist & a aromatherapist but most of all..I am a Being of pure light, I came to shine my aura of golden light onto others which awakens their gifts, bringing us all closer to “Our New Beginnings”. I am a teacher, a student, a healer from our Dear Creator, I’m highly intuitive, I connect with spirit guides on a daily bases, I am a spiritual truth speaker, I am one of the chosen Pathfinders…I now let my soul be my guide..for deep within all the answers I desire are embedded into my truebeing. By acceptance of who I am & by writing these words down today, may I feel & hear the presence of all who came before me & those who stand beside me for we ALL have our special place in Our World. Today, I allow me to just be!
If you feel a desire at this time to write who you truly are & let yourself be freed, PLEASE do so!! For we all deserve Acceptance!

Sending you ALL, Love, Peace, Light
& Many Blessings

“Red Feather”

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