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‎”The more flexible we become in our thinking and being, the more we open ourselves to self-awareness & growth.”

~ James Van Praagh~

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When you adopt the viewpoint that there is nothing that exists that is not part of you, that there is no one who exists who is not a part of you, that any judgement you make is self judgement, that any criticism you level is self-criticism, you will wisely extend to yourself an unconditional love that will be the light of your world!


“White Eagle”

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I have spent most of my life searching…for love, purpose and acceptance… And half way through, for happiness and peace…in this search I barked up wrong trees…desperately trying to find what already existed, little did I know, it lived within me… I chased status, money, possessions, the career, popularity, academia, relationships, and power…

The more I chased the further removed I became from myself… The more life challenged me, the more I denied who I was, and the more life became confusing and complicated… And to worldly demands, I became appeasing. Everytime I doubted who I was…or doubted the love of the One behind my creation… I was losing part of ME…

One day, I came to realize I lost it. I lost me and the legacy of where I had come from… In striving for wordly acceptance and perfection, I lost me… I stepped into a world of falsehood… Placing value on all the wrong things and putting my Energy into the wrong places, I tried to ‘plan’ for the future… Which brought worrying about the past…to be ‘responsible’.

I wanted the perfect life, the perfect family, a perfect me… But instead… I was given.. a Journey to walk, full of trials and tribulations… Gracefully given a flawed family to bless me with teachings… and an imperfect me to have a teachable spirit..

My search has since come full circle…and right back to me… My search for love outside of myself, in worldly things and in people is not over, but is in transformation. I try to live In the now and revel in the present… I look inward, to the One, the Greater Energy that lives within me, that IS me. This spirit, this consciousness connects us to other beings, to the pulse of mother earth and all its creations.

This pure Light, this pure energy is a reflection of the universal truth… that we are all One. Our personal truths are ones of beauty, love and creativity… May your light shine bright and let It guide you…When you feel lost, confused or despair, look for it…

This spirit has lived many lives… It holds sacred knowledge… Has seen through many eyes, and will never give up on you… It carries You… If you let it… Know and remember always, my girl, that You are a precious spiritual being… YOU are Loved..

All My Relations- Hai Hai

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When I am being dishonest it always begins with being dishonest with myself. Justification for my dishonesty is usually a means of control and manipulation of others through my personal self importance and is an issue of courage. Do I always need to be honest?…..”no, just self aware, honest with myself and courageous”!  Love, light and peace to us all today!

“White Eagle”

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Everyday I sit and watch my cats. They are wonderful teachers and everything they do has a simple  purpose. They eat, play, sleep, hunt, clean themselves, clean each other, unconditionally love who they are, and what they do! I certainly feel blessed and included when they choose to include me in their lives. I have learned much from cats, and I will continue to learn from them because just by being around and observing them, I recognize myself, my behaviors and how I react to my world.  Thank you for these most valuable life lessons Angel and Sabbath!

Peace, love and light
“White Eagle”

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