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It’s the end of a wonderful day!

Today was a day of sharing with friends, family, and a day to be me!

I made a conscious choice to not do things that I did not choose to do and realized that many of these things were not important to do.

In the past I would have been dealing with guilt, stress, and concern that I did not follow through, however,  I was always  the only person that was concerned with me not following through!

Today was a day of taking care of me, and it certainly felt good!


I will sleep soundly, knowing that I value me and respect my personal time.   I will have good dreams sharing my space with those  who love me and those I love  as I sleep tonight!

How will you sleep tonight?

Good Night

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Positive Outlooks

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Wow, I slept in….and a big thank you to my cats!

With this statement I realize that I need to give thanks to myself  for  learning a valuable life  lesson that I needed to learn.
“When I think negatively I do create the negativity in my life”. 
Many times in my life I have been called “selfish” and I always thought that it was very wrong to think of myself  before I thought of others.
I am creating self care, self love and personal happiness in my life!   This  will go forward into my world  and to all I encounter on my journey through life today!  
Good Morning!
Will you join me in being selfish and happy for the sake of our world?
Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle

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When you give to yourself the time and self-care you require, you make yourself more; time spent is negligible as what you do for self renews your spirit and energy which allows you to become more.


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‎”Happiness depends upon ourselves.”
– Aristotle-
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  • The Key to Work-Life Balance – is STOP dealing with work as something outside of your life…It is part of your life and needs to be balanced accordingly.
  • Keep things simple – there are really only five major areas in your life…five fingers…Self, Family, Community, Work/Education, and Leisure
  • Give validation to your innermost knowing
  • Pay attention to your feelings of Dis Ease
  • Take a look at all areas of your life, not just work, or not just family, treat your life as a whole not a part of…
  • Identify areas that are robbing you of time for things of importance to you
  • Learn to delegate, Identify and use your resources…are you really the only one that can do everything better than someone else…or are you so in control that you are out of control.
  • Identify your goals and dreams, write them down and share them with the important people in your life. Let others in on your plans…you don’t have to be an island.
  • Avoid taking on new tasks or activities that will not assist you in achieving your goals and dreams
  • Separate the have to’s from the want to’s
  • Be realistic in your estimation of how much time you need to accomplish what you have set out to do
  • Learn to say “NO” or if you can’t say no, respond “I’d like to but I can’t”
  • Give yourself extra time for tasks and activities to allow for the unknown
  • Most of all…Live, Laugh, and Love…

Be honest, Have you ever heard anyone say at the end of their days,

I wish I could have worked more!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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The many paths that I have walked in life have led me to the place that I am today!

What paths have you walked?

One of the paths I walked led me to work in the prison system with men.  In this system I learned a whole lot about what the word “SURVIVAL” really means.

One of my greatest teachers was a street person named “Terry”.  He had a very unique way of living in our world and it was a way I never would have seen as being real (and Wow, was it real)!

Terry had many problems while he was growing up, and ended up homeless at a very young age.  His parents had abandoned him, and he did what he needed to do to survive.  One of his behavior patterns was to use the system to take care of his food, clothing, and shelter, only when he could not do this himself.  He had lived on the street for many years and was very skilled in finding everything that he needed to find to keep warm and happy.  That also included using alcohol to keep him what he called “warm from the inside, out”.  He became an alcoholic, however, he never lost his ability to look after his basic needs.  He would live on the street all summer, and in the late fall he learned to commit a small crime that would provide him warm shelter in the prison system for no more than 6 months over the cold, winter months.  When I first met him, it was late fall and he would be incarcerated only until the spring.  When I asked him how he managed this, he stated that this had become a way of life for him when he was young and would be placed in youth facilities and foster homes and he would run away every summer to have his freedom and then go back to the system for the winter months.  Had I not met Terry, I would never have believed that this was possible today.  He was just the first of many that I have met in my life with very simple, yet sophisticated living skills.  I always remember that the paths we follow are sometimes curved, they may be through webs and tangles, or the dirt and mud of life!

They may be slippery, or smooth, however, the path of life is full of excitement, challenge, grief, love, happiness, fear, strife and failure or success.

What is the reason that we walk these paths?

We have chosen this life to learn, to grow and to share with others who we pass on our individual paths in life.

Today as I freely walk with the sunshine beaming down upon me, feeling clearer, more alive, accepted and loved because I am now choosing to share all that I am, all that I have I will remember to share a smile with all of those I meet on my path!     

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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Use the spirit of the universe to refresh your being,
giving you a spiritual recharge of creativity for living life. Drawing in the
universal Love into your physical heart and mind to infuse every cell in your
body. When we care for ourselves we care for all of humanity,
strengthening the world.

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~Please don’t be sad…..Please don’t cry any longer…..Your tears falling down your cheeks, so soft and gentle.. dont blame yourself any longer, you couldn’t save him…. it’s not your fault!!!…You have been running through this forest long enough, it is time to come out to the edge of the forest hold your head high…and know in your heart of hearts.. you did what you could do!!

They were not to be saved, you have to remember you can’t save everyone.. you need to take care of yourself now.. now is the time to come out to edge and walk brightly into the sunlight.. letting my light form a tube engulfing all of you in it…he was in a terribkle terrible dark place, and there was no coming back for him. He is doing so much better now!!  He is working through all of the things that were caging him on the arth plane. he sees his wrongs, he sees what he did and how he hurt you, but he to wants you to know, you couldn’t save him, draw open your cutains this day..and let the sun shine in….
~Our God, Heavenly Father, Our Creator~

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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